Encore Question May 25, 1996


  1. Iron Butterfly
  2. Alabama
  3. The Kentucky Headhunters
  4. Oak Ridge Boys
  5. Big Country

Tonight I have a good lead over a pack of three about 5000 behind thanks to me co-winning Tune-up (four of us) and winning Jukebox rounds. I had 20168 so risked 20% to freeze out my closest challenger SPRENT at 15032 who I'd expect to bet 50%.

Question: This band's success reached its mainstream peak with the hit song 'Elvira'.

No problem with this one. My mind flashed back to one of my uncles dancing at a wedding to this song. Unforgettably hilarious. I quickly clicked in 4 Oak Ridge Boys.

Correct Answer: 4. Oak Ridge Boys

I finish with 24202 good for 2000+ points. Actually seven out of the ten players got this question right. SPRENT bet big and finished at 22548. I was 1427th of at least 6981 in North America. Our bar was 705th in North America.

The taps aren't working tonight so there's no draft beer available. The band tonight was 'Yes Bill What Is It??'. This is a four man cover band who concentrates on songs from the 50's and 60's (which is different than the other cover bands who are more over the date spectrum) . All members except the drummer are over forty. COOP and IDONO are regular players of NTN except this week they were busy in the band.

Other games: 9:30pm Wipeout 5097/15000 good for 2000+ points. 8/10 players. Of course it would be good to get here with more than the last six questions to go.
10:00 Playback see above
11:00 Nightsiders 14000/15000 which resulted in a three way tie for 1st! The problem is these were exactly the same questions as last week. Still we must have been the only bar to know this as our bar average was 13800 (also 2 teams at 13000), the best in North America by about 4000 points. I was first in North America along with the other two but only ICEMAN made the bar's Nightsiders Hall Of Fame. Must have been alphabetical order placement.
11:30pm Countdown 11374/15800 good for 1000+ 2nd/14 ICEMAN wins with 12651.
12:00MID Countdown 12461/16000 good for 1000+ 1st/13 ROCKET wins!

Hey quit while I'm ahead! I put the playmaker away and mingled. I talked to a friend/neighbour who grew up across the street from me and his buddy but later drifted over to try to help the two girl MILLIE team with some answers. They were at an awkward angle and people would sometimes drift in front of their view of the monitor but I could see over them to help. We usually were 2nd but held off the taunts of the all guy team MORON. The only guy who can beat me consistantly is back in Toronto after being away for awhile. ...OLDUDE has over 1 million Player Plus points.

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