Encore Question of May 18, 1996


  1. U2
  2. Guns N' Roses
  3. Th Rolling Stones
  4. Nirvana
  5. REM

Tonight I had a big lead going into Encore as I'd won all four rounds although ZEDMAN shared roundwinner status with me on Round 2's OnBeat. He was my closest rival until he just suddenly stopped playing as the pool table opened up. Anyway I had 18548 points to 11246 for GOGETT. I knew a lot about these groups but bet the minimum 10%.

Question: This group's $64 million "Zoo" tour was the highest grossing act of 1992.

One word gave this one away for me and that was 'Zoo'. I thought of my cassette Zooropa and pressed in '1' for U2. If it wasn't for that I don't know what I would have guessed. At least it wasn't 'Th (sic) Rolling Stones' or perhaps some perfectionists might have complained.

Correct Answer: 1. U2

Actually about seven or eight of the ten players got this one right but GOGETT didn't and expectantly betting the maximum 50%, finished 7th. I win with 20403 with ZEDMAN coming in 2nd between shots at the pool table with 14249.

Tonight more monitors were turned to NTN. The first game of hockey playoffs with Pittsburgh against Florida didn't get the people excited. It was the first Saturday with the weather nice enough to have the patio open so a lot of people were outside. The band was "The Rockin' Beethovens". They were a cover trio who have some added variety in that all of them sing lead in a few songs each.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout 6468/15000 5th/10 players 2000+pluspoints. Would have helped if I had arrived before the 8th question.
10:00pm Playback see above 1st/10 2000+ 140th/at least 6374 in North America.
11:00pm Nightsiders 9000/15000 3 way tie for 2nd/9 1000+ 291st/over 2000 in North America. Winner ZEDMAN. They switched RetroTV for this game? All the questions were about sex. You got 1000 points for being right and no points for being wrong so you had a 20% chance for trying. I did better than I thought.
12:30pm Countdown 11750/15800 2nd/13 1000+ winner JIMI who was Top20 in North America.

I then gave my playmaker back so I could mingle. SJOHNS was something like 27th or 37th in North America in a game so won a Lucky 7 gift pack. I'll have to ask him when he gets his gift. I ended up helping a girl team called MILLY. They won a game and finished 2nd in another with minimum help from me and offered me food. My new motto?...Will play for food!?

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