Encore Question of May 11, 1996


  1. Howard Jones
  2. Brian Eno
  3. Keith Emerson
  4. Richard Thompson
  5. Stevie Wonder

Tonight I was behind coming into the 5th Encore Round. This is the first time since I began keeping track of my scores on web pages that this happened. I'd won the Tune-up and JukeBox segment but HUMMER won the other rounds. I thought no one could beat me at Triviaoke. HUMMER had 19917 and I had 19603 so we each bet the maximum 50% of our points. No one else was close. Another thing was that my pen ran out of ink which I thought was a bad omen. I kept writing anyway then shaded over my notes with a light pencil after I got home to bring them to life so I could recreate my night. Didn't have time to think about this question when placing my bet.

Question: This grand piano wizard has titled his comeback album "Live Acoustic America".
(sorry not the exact wording)

Oh my God! I was just reading this two days ago (but where?). The answer had to be Howard Jones. This probably won't be a best seller but later refound it in the Toronto Star in an interview he was giving. He was playing in Toronto Friday night. Of course the other players could have access to the same paper. (lucky Toronto players).

Correct answer: 1. Howard Jones

Yes but I looked down at my playmaker and saw I'd won! Only 2 of the 7 players guessed it right. I had my lighter ready when the leader board countup got to my message. I finished with 29405 which was the 40th best in North America. The others in the bar had under 10,000 because of Mr Jones!

The barband tonight was Third Degree which was a five guy coverband. The bar has settled into having everything happen one hour later for the new 2am last call.

Other games:
9:30pm Wipeout 4154/15000 3rd/4players 1500 Players Plus points I don't stand much chance if I don't arrive until the 8th question.
10:00pm Playback (see above)
11:00pm RetroTV 12364/15000 1st/4 2000+ points 207th in North America HUMMER had a comfortable lead but left before the game was over.
11:30pm Countdown 8505/15800 1st/4 1000+ points no North America listing

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