Encore Question of May 4, 1996


  1. Mashed Potato
  2. Watusi
  3. Hucklebuck
  4. Twist
  5. Hokey Pokey

Tonight I held the lead with 18345 with RT NOW at 13950 and STMAAR with 13424. I'd won the JukeBox and Triviaoke rounds of the games but a player named TRAPS held the lead after 2 rounds. That player suddenly disappeared (maybe it was someone in the band or a pool player who left). After that the game opened up and I pulled away. I only risked 20% so I could win if I got it right.

Question: What catchy dance song began "You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out"?

I hadn't even written all the choices down for my notes but when I saw the question I knew it wasn't the first four. I'd been to tourist traps (anyone ever see Gibby Sutherland in Edinburgh Scotland) and danced this song before? Then there was those Peanuts cartoons. I clicked in 5 right away.

Correct Answer: 5. Hokey Pokey

Actually 3 of the four players got this right. The North American scores were quite high. I have an idea that people had heard the obituary last month about the composers death and about half has many heard the follow up two weeks later that the song was written by someone else years before. RT NOW missed it but STMAAR got it right. I won with 22014 to 20136.

This was the first Saturday with the new bar hours in Ontario...last call at 2am. What it meant was everyone arrived one hour later then normal, the band started later. I 've got my Sunday mornings occupied for the next few Sundays so I left at my normal time. The bar band was 'The Grand Poobah', a cover trio who've played here before. I put them in my top 4. The Grand Poobah, Yes Bill What Is It, Dr Zeuss, and my favourite The High Rollers.

Other games: 9:30pm WIPEOUT 13765/21000? missed most of beginning which was the same sports quiz opening that I've seen four times. 1/1 2000 Pluspoints
10:00pm PLAYBACK 22014 1/4 622nd in North America, bar 1669th in NA
11:00pm Retroactive (TV) 12312/15000 2/6 winner HUMMER passed me on last question. 205th in NA. 2000 Pluspoints
11:30pm Countdown 8198/15800 4th/9 1000 Ppoints
12:00am Countdown 10392/16000 2/8th winner OLDUDE 1000 Ppoints
I put my playmaker back so I could mingle but drifted back later to help COOP try to beat OLDUDE. This guy is great. Before I started this column he was always the Top 10 leader but usually played other nights of the week then me. My wins will be way down if he starts coming again.

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