Encore Question of April 27, 1996


  1. Whammy!
  2. Cosmic Thing
  3. Wild Planet
  4. Good Stuff
  5. Freaky Stylie

Tonight at Joe Grinders none of the monitors were tuned to NTN until 10:40 as the Maple Leaf game had to be on every set except for a few with an alternative NHL game on. The Leafs eventually lost. I just wanted no overtime. I was the only player to sign on in time so I got the fourth round Triviaoke questions and had 6531 coming into Encore question. I risk 50% to try to get some PPlus points and the question subject looked like I'd know the answer.

Question: Which is not an album by the B-52's?

As soon as I saw the five answers I was thinking of the B52's. I was thinking of three of them but Freaky Stylie made me think of the group Haysi Fantayzee. I thought it didn't belong so clicked in #5.

Correct Answer: 5. Freaky Stylie

The answer flashed that this album was actually from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1985.

Final score for me was 9797 good for 1000 P+ Points. 1301st in North America.

Tonight's band was "Dr Zeuss" a five man cover outfit. They're in my top 3 favourites of all the bands that play here. They held back their first set until the hockey was over so the guys just played two long sets instead of three short ones. They ended with "Rocket Man"; I was thinking they were going to use "Purple Rain" as the show stopper from a few months back. Next week begins new bar hours because of the new liquor laws. Last call will be at 2am. I'd like to see how that effects the bands.

Games tonight:

11:00pm Retro TV 12931/15000 1st/2 2000+ points 60th of 2709 in North America! made me 5th best in the RetroTV hall of fame at Joe Grinders.

11:30pm Countdown 11003/15800 1/ 4 1000+ points 45th in North America!

12:00am Countdown over 10000 but placed 2nd. I was having to fight some saboteurs who were hacking into my machine and changing my name and finally my answers. I don't know how they did it but that's one of the reasons I'd never take this game completely serious.

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