Encore Question of April 20th, 1996


  1. Kelly Demetra
  2. Kay Dorian
  3. Kathy Dawn
  4. Kirstin Doreen
  5. Krystal Denise

Tonight I have a good lead. I won the tune-up section with a perfect 5000 but a guy/gal/team named GOMER won the next two rounds and passed me. I won the Triviaoke and pulled ahead with 18436 to GOMER's 13436. When this answer popped up I'd already decided to risk the minimum of 20% to freeze GOMER out if he/she/they were right but not risk too much in case we were both wrong.

Question: What does the 'KD' in KD Lang stand for?

Well easy. I knew her name is Katherine or Kathleen Dawn so quickly press 3 and wait the 30 seconds to know I'm right. Correct Answer: 3. Kathy Dawn

Of the nine players, five are right but that's not too surprising as KD is from Canada and has had a longer career here than in the USA. I needed to be right as GOMER was right and risked the maximum 50%. Final score ROCKET 22123 GOMER 20505.

I finish 84th in North America! I wonder if I'd have risked 50% how high I would have finished but want to keep this winning streak going. Our bar's average finished at 422nd in North America. This was the only time tonight that the network scores compared us with the continental average.

The band tonight was "The Kerry Sartor Band" who I've seen before. It's one gal singer and three guys in the band doing the same cover tunes as most of the other bands that play here. Kerry announced it was their last performance. I asked her on her break and she said she was breaking up the band as she was moving to Sault Ste Marie (690 kms away) and might start a band up there. Good luck Kerry!

The bar wasn't very busy tonight. New liquor law hours will change last call to 2am starting in May but I don't know if there will be enough patrons still around that late to make it worthwhile.

Tonight's games I played:

9:30pm WIPEOUT 9447/15000and 6000 sports trivia to lead off. I wasn't there in time to get all the sports questions but they've repeated them three times in the last month. 2000+ Players Plus points.
10:00pm MUSICTrivia (see above)
11:00pm RetroTV 13245/15000 1st/11 players 2000+ Ppoints. I notice that I place in 5th of the all-time bar scores in this category since they started keeping score a few months ago. I'm also 6th, 7th and 9th.
11:30pm COUNTDOWN 9331/15800 2nd/9 players 1000+ Ppoints. MEWLER wins with 9743.
12:00am COUNTDOWN 14167/16000 1st/10 players 1000+ Ppoints.
12:30am I gave my playmaker back but end up playing MEWLER, GUNNER and ZEDMAN as it was their turn to play pool. I finished 1st, 2nd and 5th! They just stood back and watched.

Less bragging, more mingling!


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