Encore Question of April 13, 1996


Tonight I had no competition and what I mean is noone else was playing in the bar. All the other tvs were turned to the hockey game and although the Maple Leaf game was over, some of the west coast games would effect their playoff position so patrons kept watching the hockey. It was also raining hard outside so attendance was even lower than the Easter weekend. I had 18438 points and risked the maximum 50% of them as I couldn't be beat and wanted to see how high my placing in North America would be if I was right. These answers I'd have risked very low if anyone else was near me. It looked dangerous.

Question: Poncho Sanchez is recognized as one of the world's greatest ________ players.

Gulp...I have no idea who this musician is but think a Latino name would play some unusual instrument. I press in 4 for 'conga' and wait then start having my doubts and think it's a trick so after 25 seconds change to 1 for 'guitar' and wait the last five seconds.

Correct Answer: 4. Conga

Arrgh! I'm wrong and drop to 9219 points. That earns me only 1000+ Players Plus points as 16000 was the score to meet. I finish somewhere about 2300 in North America.

The bar band this weekend was either 'Nikki B & The Jammers' per the monitor or 'The Niki B Band' on their own posters. They were a late 20's trio of guys who played the usual covers from 60's to 80's.

In trivia playing I had a high RetroTV round score and put myself in the Joe Grinders Top10 . Started the night with 15000+ Players Plus points

Other games: 9:00pm Wipeout 2721/15000 1/1 500+ 2083 in N.America (only arrived in time for last 3 questions)
9:30pm Wipeout 13152/21000 1/1 2000+ and 1000+ for taking a 6000 point sports trivia poll.
10:00pm Countdown 9219 1/1 1000+ enough about that game
11:00pm Retro TV 12338/15000 1/3 2000+ something like 190th in NA but didn't get final polling
11:30pm Countdown 11682/15800 1/2 1000+

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