Encore Question of April 6th, 1996


Tonight I have a big lead after a slow start thanks to being the round winner in OnBeat, Juke Box, and Triviaoke. 2nd place BOOTSY has 12776 and expecting him/her to risk 50% to catch me I only bet 10% of my 19107 total so if I get it right I know I'll win.

Question: Donald Fagen, the former lead singer with ____________, released the 1993 album Kamakiriad.

Well I needed no process of elimination for this one. Right away I knew it was Steely Dan. Now if they worded it so the answer was that album title, that would have been tougher. Who got through the 1970s without knowing them?

Answer: 3 Steely Dan

I get this right and needed it to as BOOTSY also gets it right and bet big. Actually at least seven to nine of the 15 players got this right. Final score: ROCKET 21018 BOOTSY 19168 KULROT 12168. I earned 2000 Players Plus points. This is my first week as an NTN network player. The bar band tonight was "Crawl Space", a quartet of guys who covered 1960s and 1970s pop. Must be 2nd generation fans as they were aged late20s-early 30s. Crowds were down as this was the Easter Weekend. I noticed that in Network rankings too. One of the bartenders brought over a shooter of Sambuca compliments for me winning so much. Thanks guys!

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