Encore Question of March 23rd, 1996


Tonight I have a big lead again although it didn't start out that way. I was trying to get my name logged in to the Players Plus features (that gets you registered to win prizes) and got stuck halfway into it when the Music game started. I couldn't finish but I couldn't stop either so I traded in playmaker machines after missing about half of the first round Tune-up. I had to change my name so chose POCKET. I had the lead by In-Tune, and also won Juke Box and Triviaoke rounds too. I had 20729 to 14611 for ICEMAN so risked only 10%. He was the only one I had to worry about.

Question: Which musician got some of his trademark tattoos as a young inmate at the Angola State Prison?

Wow...I don't know this right off but feel I've got a chance. A 'state' prison must be in the US so it couldn't be Keith Richards. Pat Boone wouldn't be the type to be in jail nor get tattoos. Down to three. Here I just compared the backgrounds of Tommy and Axl, at least they both have tattoos and thought Tommy was the one whose early life was what I knew the least about.

Correct Answer: 1. Aaron Neville

I'm wrong! I never even considered him. Of course why can't a soft spoken black man from a musical family have served time and have tattoos? Nope I never would have thought of him...but that's good trivia. Either one or two of 11 in the bar got that right. ICEMAN bet big and lost 50% and fell to 5th. SARAH came in 2nd by betting low and finishing with 10405. I finish with 18656 which is 844th of over 8000 teams in North America.

I then won retroTV and their Oscar songs special game after that. Tonight's band was billed as 'The Worriers' on the flyers, 'The Warrierss' on the monitors, and 'The Warriers' by their pronunciation at the beginning of the night. They were a 20ish age trio who played the blues. They had one or two walk-up guest players join them for a few songs later in the night.

I went over at midnight to help SJOHNS and ZEDMAN and they helped me sign up for Players Plus. It seemed you had to sign up while a game was already on. Still I recovered enough to finish 3rd with enough to get the 500 bonus points on offer. Now next week I don't expect to be here but at a dinner-dance and the Easter Weekend I'm not sure. Last week I was at the bar but EVERY monitor was dialed to the Tyson-Bruno fight. Although it only lasted eight minutes, their fight didn't start until just before midnight so noone could play trivia until then.


  1. 10:00pm Music Trivia 18656 1st/11th 844/8000+ in North America
  2. 11:00pm RetroTV 11693/15000 1st/11th ????? in NA
  3. 11:30pm Oscar Song Trivia 9953/15000 1st/10th ????? in NA

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