Encore Question of March 9th, 1996


Tonight I have a large lead as the game had started with twelve players but only six bothered to finish the game. I had 16376 to 2nd place 'BIG D' 11170. I'd won the Tune Up, On Beat, and Triviaoke, BIG D had one the 3rd round Juke Box. I only risked 10% although this looked like a question of Broadway plays. If I'm right, even if BIG D risks the maximum 50%, I'd still win.

Question: "Dead End", "Electric Blues", and "Walking In Space" are all songs featured in:

30 second thought process: Yikes! Never heard of any of these songs but have to think hard. Well I'd seen the movie version of Mame with Lucille Ball and that was a time piece. Kiss Me Date and Grand Hotel didn't seem modern either. Electric and Space would make sense in a modern time and 'Dead End' might suggest a detour in the Yellow Brick Road so I buzzed in "The Wiz". I'd only heard 'Ease on Down The Road', but in Hair there were the more famous songs "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In", and "Hair". Maybe I spend too long trying to write the questions down for this page.

Correct Answer: 5. Hair

I'm wrong!...but see that I've won anyway on my playmaker so I have my lighter ready for flicking when I see my name displayed on the monitor. All the teams are wrong and seem to have bet big to try and catch me. Final score ROCKET 14738, 2nd place BIG D and all other teams under 6000. Joe Grinders bar ends up as 1999th in North America. Phew!

The cover band tonight was 'Daves Room' who were a trio whose drummer and guitarist split the vocals about 50/50. Nice to hear they covered some Canadian bands like Tragically Hip. The guitarist looked like the bearded singer from Soundgarden.

Other games. 2nd in the 9:30pm game and I find out the hard way that my machine had to be watched as the answers can change by themselves after I've chosen an answer. I mean there's no way I could miss a "Leave It To Beaver" question! I won two other games and helped Zedman who was playing as SJOHNS win by last call.

  1. 9:30pm Countdown 8283/15000 2nd/12
  2. 10:00pm Music Trivia 14738 1st/6
  3. 11:00pm RetroTV trivia 11200/15000 1st/7 596/2600+ in NAmerica
  4. 11:30pm Countdown 11329/15800 1st/6
  5. 12:00am Countdown 11973/16000 1st/7 318/2000+ in NAmerica

I'm still on the TOP 10 of the month scoreboard but I've been driven down to 8th as now that there's been a week of weeknights and OLDUDE dominates. Best score of the month so far is VADER who was chasing me last week in the music trivia.

While this isn't an outstanding night for me, this posting is very important as now that I've got my WEB page up and running, I've got to know that I can update my info fast and trouble free. This is all a test for the soccer season coming up.

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