Encore Question of March 2nd, 1996


This week I have a big lead over 2nd place VADER , 19566 to 14503 so I risk only 30% of my points. I have to be right but I'd expect VADER to risk 50% of his/her/their points to try to catch me. I've won the Tune-up round with my best ever performance, a perfect 10 for 10. Also first in Round 2 Onbeat and Round 4 Triviaoke. VADER won Round 3 Jukebox. I feel confident of knowing details of each musician.

Question: Who was the first performer to perform on MTV Unplugged without a backup band?

OhOh!...I don't know this one right off. Gotta think what exactly the question is. I don't remember all these artists being on Unplugged. In Toronto we get these MTV concerts a few months later than originally broadcast on MuchMusic if at all. Natalie Merchant was definitely still with 10,000 Maniacs back then. The others are really solo artists. Oh Mariah Carey got that duet single "I'll Be There" out of her appearance. Bonnie Raitt must have had a band for backup. I punch in Elton John as I feel he could entertain a crowd on just his piano. I'm not sure Bob Dylan nor Elton John have ever been on Unplugged but I thought Elton was more likely.

Correct Answer: 5. Elton John

I win! Looks like not many got that one right. Except for me and GUNNER, I couldn't see anyone else in the 13 teams with this right. Final score ROCKET 25436, 2nd GUNNER 12978. VADER gets it wrong with 50% risked so falls back to about 5th. I have my lighter held off and flicking when my name is displayed. My score is supposedly the 127th best in North America of over 5000 players. Hmm, what if I'd been greedy and risked 50% of my points?

I also won the RetroTelevision game next. I felt like I was cheating as I'm sure NTN had used this game question for question about four months ago. I hadn't realized I'd be listed as the best of the month for the bar but it was March now. There's a guy called OLDUDE who plays weeknights and usually locks up most of the Top 10 spots. I should be displaced soon enough.

The next game was Countdown and I got caught mingling with some patrons and missed the beginning and came in 3rd. I won another game then gave my playmaker back. Strange to see that fewer television monitors were showing the Maple Leaf game than a few months ago when they were winning.

The band tonight was semi regulars 'Yes Bill, What Is It'. They had one extra break as I found out later they'd blew an amp. Their encore after an all cover show was Little Richard's "Keep A Knockin'".

My mingling is limited to cornering a familiar looking guy from last week. "Did you use to go to Earl Haig (high school)?" "Yes". Turns out he was younger than the guy who I went to school with. Maybe just as well to as the classmate and me didn't like each other anyway. I also 'helped' a mixed group of six playing trivia in the 12:30 game. One of the girls said "Would you mind, you're spoiling this"--but the boyfriend who had the playmaker was glad of the help.

  1. 10:00pm.........Music Trivia..............25436...................1st/13
  2. 11:00pm.........RetroTelevision.......12636/15000........1st/14 91st best in North America
  3. 11:30pm.........Countdown................11537/15800........3rd/11 MJMW wins
  4. Midnight.........Countdown................11620/16000........1st/11 303rd in North America

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