Encore Question of February 24th, 1996

Question: Sterling Morrison, who died in 1995, was a founding member of this band:

Well I have a slight lead in this game thanks to winning the Tune-Up and Triviaoke sections of the game. I'm only a few hundred points ahead of regular ZEDMAN and someone named GREEDY therefore I've got to risk the maximum 50% of my points so here's 7289 on the line.

30 seconds to decide. I've heard of all the members of the first three over the years and in the back of my mind I remember hearing about somebody dieing in the Velvet Underground so I click in #5. Doubts? Well some I only have heard for sure of Lou Reed, John Cale and David Sylvain [oops wrong about him, he was in New York Dolls]. With Dire Straits I only know the Knopfler brothers.

Correct Answer: 5. Velvet Underground

Yeah! Only about four of fifteen players got that one. Tonight's rivals GREEDY and ZEDMAN missed it so my winning margin looked huge--21867 to 12,353 for SJOHNS. I flicked my lighter for a bit of recognition.

It was my night for trivia as I then won the retro-TV trivia game and the general question game that followed. I turned my 'Playmaker' in at midnight to do a bit of socializing. I only found out what the game machine was called tonight as NTN delayed the game by getting people to take a survey. Their questions seem to be slanting towards getting an Internet game running through one of the big American On-line providers.

I was watching a game of pool and turned to see a question flash that's answer was obviously 'Newfoundland'. I looked over to see that SJOHNS had abandoned his machine as he was taking a shot in pool. Actually we both charged over but the machine has a battery conserver so it had turned itself off. I played out the rest of the game and got him a win and played through the next game and won as well both with over 12,000 points which will help his Network score. (I should ask about that but it has limited interest as I only like coming here once a week).

I didn't go to Joe Grinders last Saturday but when I stepped up to the bar for the first time tonight the barmaid was already drawing a pint of Moosehead and had a game machine ready for me. Am I getting too predictable? The band I'd never seen before. The Laura Watt Band had her backed by four guys. I couldn't recognize every song so maybe she mixed in some originals with the covers that all bands there do. Strange that her encore song was the old Spencer Davis tune "I'm A Man".

This was my best night ever for game after game. I even won the 9:30pm game although I didn't even arrive until the fourth question. 10000 something was my score. 10pmMusic Trivia: bragged enough 11pmTV: 11656/15000 11:30pm: 10635/15800 midnight: 12683/16000 good start by SJOHNS 12:30am: 12648/15000 supposedly the 11th best score in North America!

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