Encore Question of February 10th, 1996.

Ok something about Paul McCartney. I'm only ahead by a few hundred points although I've held the lead since the third round. Gotta risk 50% of my points because "MOUSE" might do the same and leapfrog over me if I bet less. So here's 8730 points on the line.

Question: It's the biggest seller of Paul McCartney & Wings career.

Hmm 30 seconds. I press for "Band On The Run" even before I've read all 5 answers. I know later albums by almost any artist sell better than early stuff if their fame stays the same. Look at the late vs early Beatles. More people in the world with more money to spend. But that would only toss out "Red Rose Speedway", "London Town" never went to Number 1. "Venus and Mars" didn't have memorable singles , "Wings Over America" was a double [actually triple] live album so it's catalogue sales would be poorer although that would have been my second choice. Maybe "Wings At The Speed Of Sound" would have had me chewing my fingernails but I was quite happy with my answer to the five answer choice.

30 seconds later the Answer "Band On The Run" shows up on the monitor and I know I've won. I've forgotten my lighter tonight (I don't smoke so that wasn't hard) so scramble over to a Joe Grinder regular Dougie. "Can I borrow your lighter?". He reached for it but then said "Oh no, not if you've won again". "That's ok, well I did". The monitor counts upwards from the twelfth place finisher and gets to fourth and Doug holds his lighter aloft and lights it. "We're not at Number One yet" I say. But I hold my hand up at first place and with the lighter lit at the right time I turn some heads. "Thanks a lot" I say to Doug. The logo flashes on the monitors "Standing Ovation"...."Put your hands together for ROCKET"..

Final score: 26191 but I still only win by a few hundred as MOUSE also has the right answer.

The rest of the evening wasn't memorable for me winning any more trivia. I was 3rd of 10 with 9431 in the Retrotelevision trivia at 11:00 and 4th at 7128 in the 11:30 general game. I gave my machine back at midnight as I like to spend the last hour mingling.

The band tonight was "Third Degree" and they had a great reception of applause and getting up to the dance floor. I didn't notice they were a six piece outfit last time I saw them. Hey even I got in one.

I went over to help SJOHNS and ZEDMAN play as they often leave the boards when its their turn at the pool table. A question pops up "What is the capital of Australia" and I'm stunned at the odds of me wearing my purple sweatshirt with the logo Canberra Australia on it. "I know this one as I point to my chest".

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