NTN Encore Question of November 26th, 2016.
Played at The Pheasant & Firkin in North York, Ontario.

Encore Question was something like this:

Before his series of #1 hits, Michael Jackson had a Number 2 hit with this oldie:

Correct Answer: Rockin' Robin...over a choice of other 1950s early rock and roll songs.

So I'm Number 1 (74552) in Playback for maybe only the third time in more than twenty years. 

The Michael Jackson version of "Rockin' Robin" came out in early 1972 a few months before 
I got my own radio but I was in junior high and certainly heard enough comments directed 
at me "twiddly twiddly dee..." a few years after the fad of "Hey Robin, how's Batman?" 
through public school when Batman was the hottest show for kids on TV. 

Overall, I found the Playback round easy and since it was general "#2 Hits" I couldn't 
'study' like writing a page of notes on Alicia Keys from Wikipedia. 

More trouble getting a board as the first four I tried were black screens and finally 
a staff member found me a 'good' one. Two friends with one board each and three 
other players—one who wasn't a P+ Player and the other two never bet enough that they'd 
fall below 18000 if they're wrong so the bar ended up 11th. 

Some people mishear my nickname as ROCKIN Robin but I was the one who chose 
ROCKET Robin after the local soccer team I followed and the cheesy cartoon 
'Rocket Robin Hood' when I discovered people on a USENET message board for soccer 
chose aliases and the guy who posted stuff about English seventh division results 
(rather than the usual noise of "Manchester United rules/Manchester United sucks") 
used the nickname 'Thomas The Tank Engine'. That's where I started on 2400 baud modems. 

 I'm still reporting soccer as a hobby but have moved on to the internet with my own 
 webpage with reports and photos of every game. I was just at a soccer banquet today. 
 It was only my second time out playing trivia in the last six months. 

First thing I thought about after my #1 score was I'll have to tell my father but 
I'm still getting used to realizing he died last month at age 94. Just to finish 
the circle, when I get off the streetcar to walk to BMO Field in Toronto I walk 
down Atlantic Avenue to get to the tunnel under the railroad tracks and pass the 
address that my father worked at for many years (building was demolished and 
rebuilt since then)....and Nelvana Films who I thought drew the Rocket Robin Hood 
cartoons and was also on that street (they've moved since then). 


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