NTN Encore Question of December 15th, 2012.
Played at The Pheasant & Firkin in North York, Ontario.

Headliner:...CHRISTINA AGUILERA over Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

Encore Question:...Christina Aguilera sings "I am ___________ waiting for life to start" in her 2012 album Lotus:

Tonight I'm playing alone. It apppears 'The Frog (a Firkin Company)' new sign at the 'under renovations' bar hasn't brought NTN back so far so this has taken a subway and bus ride to get here.

Here's how my game went and my comments:

Tune Up...ROCKET...5000/5000...1st/5.     
.............LITBOX...5000/5000...1st/5...my two win with MACE/GMV.
The Line Up...ROCKET...13000/15000...1st/5...my two win round and I pull ahead.  
...........LITBOX...13000/15000...1st/5...I get 8 right and 2 wrong for a good round with some lucky guesses.
I heard someone in the threesome playing the the guest CDT board say an answer that I hadn't figured out yet so I tipped them off for a few answers. 
Triviaoke...ROCKET...20290/25000...1st/5...my two win round.   
............LITBOX...20290/25000...1st/5...I think half the questions are 'new' songs.  I take two -250s.  I've never heard the 'Skyfall' song
by Adele.  
Opening Act...ROCKET...25290/35000...1st/5.
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 5 right for 1000, 2 for +250, 2 for -250, and 1 I didn't answer.  One was pretty easy because
the Oscar winner was the only 'music' answer.  (Aaron Copland wins 'Best Score').
............LITBOX...31040/56250...1st/5...I get 6 right and 4 wrong.
CHRISTINA AGUILERA:  1.  What is beautiful in the 2002 Christina Aguilera ballad 'Beautiful'?--Detroit, America, trees, a sunset, THE SINGER
[extra fact: Aguilera sings "I am beautiful no matter what they say".]
2.  Which Aguilera single on the Lotus album begins "Another shot of whiskey please bartender"?--JUST A FOOL, Best Of Me, Sing For Me, Red Hot 
Kind of Love, Love Be There
3.  What tune did Cher select for the dance audition by Christina Aguilera in 'Burlesque'?--The Frug, WAGON WHEEL WATUSI, The Shake, The Chicken
Dance, The Peppermint Twist
4.  Which pop song did Christina Aguilera do for the animated 'Mulan' songtrack?--REFLECTION, I'll Be Home, True To Your Heart, (missed the others)
5.  Christina Aguilera's hit 'Can't Hold Us Down' features rapper ___________:  Missy Elliot, Eve, Kelis, LIL KIM, Foxy Brown
6.  What type of uniforms were most of the men wearing in the Aguilera video 'Candyman'?--Football, Police, MILITARY, Waiter, Auto Mechanic
7.  Christina Aguilera's 'Back to Basics' album include the song 'Ain't No ___________':--Jokin', Way To Go, Question, OTHER MAN, Misbehavin'
8.  In 'Bobblehead' Christina Aguilera sings "When you talk all I hear is __________":--my name, jingle bells, WAH, a beating heart, fresh air
[extra fact:  something about her saying 'Wah' 26 times in a row.]
9.  Christina Aguilera was a regular on what television show as a child?--MICKEY MOUSE CLUB, Double Dare, Chips, Family Fued (sic), The Price Is Right
10.  Which 2006 single won Christina Aguilera a Grammy Award for Best Female Pop Vocal:--Come On Over Baby, I Turn To You, AIN'T NO OTHER MAN,
Fighter, Genie In A Bottle

I had old notes from two years ago about Christina Aguilera so just needed to add her new album that came out three weeks ago. I spent some time making notes about the other possible Headliners.

Q1 worded a bit awkward but I realized she was singing about a person so guessed right. Q2 didn't know this but the only song I recognized besides 'Your Body' from her new album. Q3 never saw this movie although I taped it from the movie channel and haven't watched it. I went with 'The Shake'. Q4 I did have the answer in my notes but couldn't find it so went with 'True To Your Heart'. Q5 should have had this too as it was in my notes but went with Missy Elliot I think. Q6 I knew this quite well. It is a throwback song/video with lots of WWII era soldiers and sailors but with lyrics like "make my panties drop", and "my cherry pop" that I'm sure could never be sang in that era. Q7 easy enough. Q8 didn't know this and went with 'fresh air' as I thought that's what a hollow bobble head doll has lots of inside it. Q9 easy enough. Q10 it was the year that gave it to me as I was on the subway coming here and realized that I hadn't marked down any Grammy wins for any of the possible Headliners. The other songs listed were too early.

Not a good round as I got Q3, Q4, Q5, and Q8 wrong.


  1. In Circles
  2. Just A Fool
  3. Your Body
  4. Blank Page
  5. An Army Of Me





I don't know this. I think I don't even notice 'Just A Fool' and go with 'Your Body' as the only other song I recognize as from that album. That fits sort of awkward in the question but playing enough Triviaoke rounds over the years lyrics don't have to appear perfect. My copy of Lotus is still in it's shrink wrap as this month I've loaded into my MP3 player about 16 albums but almost half are old and new Christmas albums.

Correct Answer:....4. Blank Page

[NTN Extra Fact:...'Blank Page' is a ballad on the 2012 Christina Aguilera album 'Lotus'.]

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
ROCKET     31040        15520            264      271
LITBOX     31040        15520            264      271
MACE       23560        18848            161      157
GMV        23210        18568            169      164
CDT        13730         6865           2358      --- 
(ntn.com listed 1798 Players Plus players with 1674 having a positive score in the Playback East district).

I'm wrong and fall to 3rd place with both my boards. Steve MACE/GMV told me the last time he was here that he just tries to get the 18000 for the bonus points so I can see he only risked 20% on the Encore. I earn only 1500+ Players Plus points by NOT meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 264th in the Playback East district. None of the scores make this bar's Hall of Fame. (ntn.com lists us as 23rd highest bar out of 879 in the Playback East district with a 13691 average. (the guest board didn't register)

After I get home and read the message board and am confused and then on Sunday play back my microtape. The question/answer isn't even gramatically correct. I suppose it should read "I am a __________ ..." and a few more people would be right. This song/answer is from her new album realized less than three weeks ago. It is not a single yet and I haven't heard it so far. I didn't realize that all the song choices were on that album.

Also I see the song 'Bobblehead' is on the Bionic album deluxe edition. That doesn't let me off the hook as I always buy the deluxe versions at first day pricing but that song was not a single and the minority of the CD buyers wouldn't have that song on their copy.

Other games:
7:00pm...The Season...ROCKET...6768 points...1st/5...1500+ points.
.....LITBOX...7751...2nd/4...6736 points...2nd/5...1500+ points.
I got here in time for the 26th question. I got a few guessed right but mostly waited to grind out 88 to 117 points when the third clue was given. I risk 0% on the last question (because I'm wrong so often) but this time I get it right. A nickname of a player 'Bucko' because I rule out the other nicknames. I won betting nothing because MACE/GMV is wrong.
8:00pm...(see above)

No use hanging out here before the place fills up with MMA fans--must be creeping up on more than one event per month. I say goodbye to Steve MACE/GMV on the way out. He's upset at the Tuned-In game expecting him to know a dance pair on Dancing With The Stars. I'm glad I'm not staying.

Let's see, tonight I'm playing the '5ive' 2001 album 'Kingsize' (British boy/soul band) which the CD ripper program I use doesn't recognize and has the wrong name for every song. I think I picked that up something like 8 years ago in the $4 used/delete bin. I miss the first bus to the subway station while waiting for a traffic light but since this is an bus arterial road there's another about three minutes later. Still it's getting cold and I don't know if I'll want to this starting January.

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