NTN Encore Question of November 17th, 2012.
Played at The Pheasant & Firkin in North York, Ontario.

Headliner:...BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN over John Lennon and Mick Jagger

Encore Question:...What is the name of Bruce Springsteen's 2012 album?

Tonight I'm playing with Rob COSMO/ASTROS and Phil PLBAAB. The bar gradually fills up with fans of the Ultimate Fighting PPV. This show I knew would be one of the most popular as it had Canadian George St Pierre in the main event. I would have avoided this place but don't realize until Rob tells me that The Frog & Firkin's renovations have progressed and now it's the main floor that is closed so there was no NTN this week. The Pheasant is a subway and bus ride away for me. It is a smaller bar with the bar separated from the restaurant by the washrooms and kitchen.

Here's how my game went and my comments:

Tune Up...ROCKET...5000/5000..1st/8.     
.............LITBOX...5000/5000...1st/8...our five win the round.
Hmm John Lennon as the first question of the game?  Maybe he won't be the Headliner.
The Line Up...ROCKET...13000/15000...1st/4...my two boards win round.. 
...........LITBOX...13000/15000...1st/4...I get 8 right and 2 wrong in this round which pleases me.  
Triviaoke...ROCKET...17280/25000...2nd/8.  I'm not sure who wins the round. 
............LITBOX...17310/25000...1st/8.  I take three or four -250s this round.  I found it distracting that not only was the bar playing
satellite music but Phil was finding old Paul Anka songs to play on his smart phone.  I would have liked to able to concentrate on mentally
playing through the songs in this game.         
Opening Act...ROCKET...20280/35000...2nd/8.
...........LITBOX...20310/35000...1st/8...PLBAAB wins round.
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 4 right for 1000, 2 for +250, 2 for -250, and 2 I didn't answer.   
This wasn't as good a round for me as usual.  At least I got the Carly Rae Jepsen question right (she was the Canadian artist listed that won
a Best New Artist award).  That's two in a row (got that "Prince on the radio" on her Owl City collaboration after missing "chase me" rather 
than "change me" a few weeks ago on her 'Call Me Maybe' song.
............LITBOX...30560/56250...1st/8...I get 8 right and 2 wrong.
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN;  1.  Which Bruce Springsteen song begins "The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves"?--Pac Man Fever, Born In The USA, Badlands, 
THUNDER ROAD, Hungry Heart
2.  What's the first track on Bruce Springsteen's 1980 The River?--THE TIES THAT BIND, Hungry Heart, Point Blank, Funkytown, Nebraska
3.  Which of these songs is from Bruce Springsteen's 2002 album The Rising?--The Wrestler, Girls In Summer Clothes, The Ghost of Tom Joad, 
LONESOME DAY, Galveston Day
4.  What is the title of Bruce Springsteen's 2005 album?--DEVILS AND DUST, Wrecking Ball, The Seeger Sessions, Working On A Dream, Nebraska
5.  Bruce Springsteen's 'Forth Of July Asbury Park' refers to a city in:--Alaska, Maryland, Delaware, NEW JERSEY, Pennsylvania 
6.  The album Live 1975-1985 features Bruce Springsteen's first recording of:  Call Me, Maneater, Blinded By The Light, Slow Hand, FIRE
7.  Which Bruce Springsteen folk/rock song is based on a true 1958 murdering spree?--NEBRASKA, I'm Going Down, Born To Run, Cover Me, Glory Days  
8.  On 'My Hometown' Bruce Springsteen sings about the closing of a ___________ in New Jersey:--TEXTILE MILL,  movie theatre, dairy farm, 
military base, steel factory
9.  In 1992 Bruce Springsteen released two albums, 'Human Touch' and ___________:--Darkness On The Edge Of..., Tunnel Of Love, Born In The USA, 
LUCKY TOWN, The Ghost Of Tom Joad
10. 'Dancing In The Dark' was featured on which Bruce Springsteen album?--BORN IN THE USA, Nebraska, Born To Run, Human Touch, Tunnel Of Love

I had made some notes about John Lennon and Mick Jagger which I found easy because they didn't have a big output as solo artists. I was not expecting Bruce Springsteen who was a Headliner in 2009. I had made not notes about him back then either and didn't summarize the Headliner question by question back then. Oh boy this could get rough!

Q1 I don't know but can narrow it down to 3 and 4 but Rob gets us the right answer. Q2 I don't know this either but narrow it down to 1 and 3. We went with 3. It turns out both of these songs are on this album. Q3 I can only rule out 1 but Rob gets us the correct answer. Q4 finally I know this but only by thinking about it after Rob got us the answer. Q5 Yes I know this one. Q6 Yes got this one too although had 4 on my mind but that was a different Pointer Sisters song. Q7 I'd heard the history of that song before but can't say I've ever heard it. Q8 I saw the video and convince us to guess steel factory. I should have thought that New Jersey probably doesn't have that industry. Q9 I blurt out Tunnel Of Love but released that was a single and correct us in plenty of time. Q10 that one I know.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual. I'll need this right to get the full P+ points. Another week of risk!


  1. All Gone
  2. Wrecking Ball
  3. Demolition Derby
  4. Thor's Hammer
  5. Burned Out





A wave of laughter hits Phil as we were talking about this before the question came up. Sort of like last month when the Ramones was mentioned before the Encore question came up. Needless to say I said "I own that" as that's become a joke because of how many CDs I've ever bought. This must be the easiest of the questions because it's the only 'real' title of one of his albums.

Correct Answer:....2. Wrecking Ball

[NTN Extra Fact:..."Wrecking Ball is a boldly apolitical record"--Rolling Stone.]

I didn't like that question. It was on her 'Speak Now' album om 2010 but singles kept being released until this year. Since I'm an album collector and usually buy them the week they come out to take advantage of first week pricing, to me this song came out in 2010. This week I was glad I didn't have more than 30 seconds to overthink this answer and also that it was too dark to read my notes.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
LITBOX    30560     2   45840             33     93
ROCKET    30530     2   45795             33     94
ASTROS    29600     2   44400             38     97
PLBAAB    29360     2   44040             39    100
COSMO     26380     2   39570             54    135
VERN      21850     1   19665            261    448 
MACE      19930     3   19930            255    442
GMV       18970     4   18970            275    469
(ntn.com listed 2007 Players Plus players with 1847 having a positive score in the Playback East district).

Other games:
7:00pm...The Season...ROCKET...21896...1st/7...3000+ points...I'm 314th out of 2146 players.
.....LITBOX...20472...2nd/7...3000+ points...I'm 374th out of 2146 players...the bar is 78th out of 1007.
I got here in time for the third question. I tried real hard to make 20000 before the last question. The final round with hidden scores meant I wasn't sure. Yes! I made sure I bet '0' on the last question and was wrong as I usually am. Next week? I'll probably be back to arriving halfway through the game.
8:00pm...(see above)
9:00pm...Tuned In...ROCKET...6335/10000...1st/8...I earn 3000+ points...I'm 54th in the Playback East district.
.........LITBOX...6335/10000...1st/8...I earn 3000+ points...I'm 54th in the Playback East district...I got lots of help from Rob in this tough game. Very few earned the bonus points tonight.
9:15pm...Speed Freaks...ROCKET...2250/28000...2nd/8...900+ points...I'm 906th in the Playback East district.
.........LITBOX...2750/28000...3rd/8...900+ points...I'm 837th in the Playback East district...VERN wins with 4000.
I started but being frustrated at being too late answering with answers in less than a second and started to sabotage the game by pushing '1' and '2' with each board before the answers came up. I drove both scores to worse than -2000 but then hit three '1's in a row that were right and turned one board around and started to play seriously. I worked ROCKET up to the standard first then LITBOX then stopped playing and helped my friends. MACE has all the top 10 scores on this board with minimums of more than 11000...well not this week.
9:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...12631/15000...3rd/8...3rd/8...1000+ points...I'm 63rd in North America.
......LITBOX...12631/15000...3rd/8...1000+ points...I'm 63rd in NA...the bar is 9th in NA with a 12472 average...MACE wins.
Let me get out of here before we're even more crowded out by these Ultimate Fight fans.

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