NTN Encore Question of November 10th, 2012.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in Etobicoke, Ontario.

Headliner:...ACID JAZZ over Joyous Soul and Classical Jazz

Encore Question:...Miles Davis' last studio album was ___________ in 1992.

Tonight I'm playing with Rob COSMO, Sean METLCA and Phil PLBAAB. I was only able to get one playmaker and Sean didn't get one but was playing on his cell phone.

Here's how my game went and my comments:

Tune Up...ROCKET...4500/5000..1st/10...my board wins with METLCA, and DUKE...I'm 1 for 2 in guessing.
The Line Up...ROCKET...12500/15000...3rd/10...METLCA wins round and takes lead with 13500 guessing a Jethro Tull song that I thought was
a Pet Shop Boys song...I'm pleased to get 8 out of 10 in this round.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...17840/25000...2nd/10...I get 3 -250s this week...ICEMAN wins round and has the lead at 20410.
Opening Act...ROCKET...22590/35000...1st/10
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 5 right for 1000, 0 for +250, 1 for -250, and 4 I didn't answer.   
Sean was losing points because his phone connection was too slow and he'd answer but the delay would give him the next answer after the one
he wanted.  The best he could do was +250 but that took some getting used to.
I know the one I got wrong was the 'big hit' by Pink Floyd named 'Apples and Oranges'.  This is a song that never made the charts in the USA
nor England.  I would have guessed it right if they'd listed all five choices at once but they'd already passed Pink Floyd once and I didn't
change my answer.
Headliner...ROCKET...25340/56250...1st/10...WAGNER wins round.
ACID JAZZ:  1.  What was the primary instrument of Afro-Cuban jazz musician Herbie Mann?--accoustic guitar, FLUTE, English horn, paino, stand up bass 
2.  Which song by acid jazz duo Koop was featured on 'So You Think You Can Dance'?--Stoop and Coop, Chicken Coop, Coop It Up, Stockholm, COOP ISLAND BLUES
3.  Joe Farrell played jazz sax and flute is featured on the 1975 album 'Canned _______':--Gunk, FUNK, Crunk, Skunk, Punk
4.  Which American debut album for French jazz writer/producer St Germain?--TOURIST, Paris, Orange, French Traxx, Deepside
5.  The 2012 album by the Leeds English based The New Mastersounds was made in San Francisco:--OUT ON THE FAULT LINE, Breaks From The Border, 102%,
Plug and Play, 10 Years On
6.  What jazz music collective was founded in San Francisco in 1998 by Adam Theis?--The Band, Beat Posse, JAZZ MAFIA, Acid Collection, Cool Crowd    
7.  Herbie Hancock and the Headhunters released ____________ in 1972, their first mainstream hit:--Daddy Longlegs, Wasp, Spider, Butterfly, CHAMELEON
8.  In the late 1980s Mike Gee, Baby Bam, and DJ Sammy B formed the NYC group ________ Brothers:--Dance, Blood, Alternate, JUNGLE, Club  
9.  Jay Ella Ruth is the long time lead singer of the London club jazz recording group:--Galliano, Red Snapper, Jam Crew, 
10.  Which 1990s New York City jazz group was managed by event promoter 'Giant Step'?--Brooklyn Funk, A Tribe Called Qwest, GROOVE COLLECTIVE, 
The Ramones, Liquid Soul

I was expecting the Headliner would be 'Classical Jazz' which I took to mean old time jazz from the 1950s and back but I didn't expect to score any better then the category they did choose. I didn't make notes this week on any of the categories as they were too broad.

Q1 I went with accoustic guitar, Q2 went with Chicken Coop, Q3 I got right because at least it was a similar music genre to jazz (although I've never heard of him). Q4 I went with Paris because there is a soccer team named Paris Saint-Germain. Q5 guessed this one right must have been the subliminal thought of San Francisco and their earthquake worries. Q6 I went with Acid Collection as it was at least part of the name of this category. Mafia was the answer in The Line Up round for "The Swedish House ________" the electronic dance music group that I knew while I had a free preview on bpm.tv last month. Q7 I went with Daddy Longlegs because I thought that was the name of an album. Q8 I guessed it right. Q9 I guessed right because it was at least the name of a group that I'd heard of. [If I'd been more of a fan I would be really upset because this woman was only in the group for one year, 1990, but it was N'Dea Davenport who sang from the year after that to this day except for a ten year absence.] Q10 I went with A Tribe Called Qwest.

So four right this week! Worst week ever. Q3, Q5, Q8 and Q9 but getting two in a row earned me 500 bonus points.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual although I don't feel confident at all about this.


  1. Duke Booty
  2. Fantasy
  3. Mystery
  4. Doo-Bop
  5. Blow





Well I don't know this. I choose Duke Booty as I thought I'd heard that name before. I was asked what choice I made by Rob and told him but said I was guessing. I didn't have a reason to change unless someone said they knew. I only knew that Davis played the trumpet.

Correct Answer:....4. Doo-Bop

[NTN Extra Fact:...The Doo-Bop album re-released in 2001 included songs Duke Booty, Blow, and Sonya.]

Well the answer I chose turned out to be the name of a song on this album.

The album made the Albums Chart for four weeks in 1992 and peaked at #190. However it did win The Grammy as best R& B Instumental Album. 'Acid Eaters' by The Ramones which was the answer two weeks ago was on the charts one week and peaked at #179.

I'm wrong and fall to 4th place as ROCKET with 12670. I earn 1500+ points for not meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 291st overall in the Playback East district. The bar finishes 5th on the Network Top 20 with an average of 21287. Rob wins and is 10th on the Network Top 20.
(ntn.com kept us in 5th place out of 864 bars.)

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
ROCKET     25340    1   12670            291      334									
COSMO      23130    4   34695             10       20
WAGNER     21780    5   10890            381      ---
ICEMAN     21660    3   10830            385      449
METLCA     20860    1   10430            410      486
PLBAAB     16190    4   24285             51       57
CHATZ      15930    4   24285             53       60 
DUKE       10570    X   10570            401      ---
WRENCH     10250    ?    5125           2882      ---
goobs       9460    2    9460            484      577
NULL        6770    ?    6770           1885      --- 
JEREMY         0    X       0           5990      ---
train          0    X       0           5990     1662
(ntn.com listed 1819 Players Plus players with 1661 having a positive score in the Playback East district).  

The bar was surprisingly busy tonight. Last week it was pretty empty. There is no NHL hockey which usually fills this place in past years. The bar has started renovations which meant one of the front doors was barred although still could be used as a fire exit and the basement washrooms were closed. That meant having to go up to the second floor. They were "out of boards" by the time they had seven out so maybe some were recharging or this place has cut back to one set of 10 (not 20 like years past). Using smart phones didn't work too well for Sean who couldn't score 1000 on countdown style questions or answer correctly in the 'Opening Act' round.

They were giving out free samples of Moosehead beer so I ended up having the equivalent of a half pint to go with my two usual pints. I wished they'd chosen some other week because I had to get out early to see my 90 year old father to the Rememberance Day ceremonies at the care facility he lives at now at Sunnybrook Hospital.

I recounted my adventures protecting my garden shed from raccoons. Instead of making their escape from the garden and I gave them plenty of warning they choose to stay and hiss at me. On two separate days I discovered one and killed them by throwing bricks saved up from a rock garden that never got built. The first one was in the garden and I thought its "no fear" behaviour and glazed eyes were a sign of rabies. The second one I discovered in the shed by lifting an empty box to put the garden hose inside for the winter. This one scurried under a table and I couldn't get to it. I found the hole where it had dug through further along then one I'd covered years earlier--the place is made of particle board. I tried to drive it away by emptying the last of my box of mothballs and pouring a full bottle of Windex inside (for the ammonia). When I came back the next day I found it sleeping on the floor like a family dog. I reached for the garden rake inside without disturbing it and on the second swipe pulled it right out of the shed then butted it onto the lawn with a swift poke. It hissed for a fight too and after a one brick warning shot I was able to hit it and finish it off unlike the first one which crawled away but died a few days later. This story was really upsetting animal-loving Rob but the others were loving my story. I forgot the music punchline until later. It was that for the shed dwelling raccoon I thought I'd better turn off my MP3 player so I'd be able to hear anything crawling around in there. What was the music I was playing? Why it was Deadmau5 which is Joel Zimmerman, the electronic dance musician from Niagara Falls Ontario and his name is pronounced "Dead Mouse". Dead Mouse--Dead Raccoon--Hey hey? A bad day on our block for raccoons as when I drove to see my father the next day and at the first corner there was a raccoon that had been killed by being hit by a car. That method of getting rid of these creatures actually draws laughs about roadkill but what I did could have got me in trouble.

Other games:
7:00pm...NFL The Season...ROCKET...6000...I'm 1247th in NA...I earn 1500+ points.
I got here at 7:30pm but didn't have a board but played as PLBAAB that Rob signed on for Phil although he hadn't arrived yet. I finally got my own and guessed a few right to build 6000. I bet 0 on the final question and was wrong anyway.
8:00pm...Playback...(see above)
9:00pm...Tuned In...ROCKET...7912/10000...4th/11...1000+ points...I'm 42nd in NA...the bar is 3rd in the Tuned In East district with a 7915 average. I had lots of help in this game or I wouldn't have earned the bonus P+ points...goobs wins.
9:15pm...Speedfreaks...ROCKET...-1250/28000...9th/10...300+ points...I'm 4268th in NA...I got frustrated because I couldn't get my answers in on time so I decided to answer '1' for everything to sabotage the game and keep the other group from building a great score. I get out of a hole by getting three '1's in a row correct but soon went back down...WAGNER wins with 5500.
9:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...9300/15000...2nd/9...1000+ points...I'm 305th in NA...WAGNER wins.
10:00pm...Late Shift...5736/10000...3rd/10...300+ points...I'm 205th in NA...the bar is 19th in NA with a 5336 average...TRAIN wins.
This was a pretty tough game. It means that less than 200 players earned the bonus points.
10:15pm...Late Shift...7361/10000...1st/4...900+ points...I'm 13th on the Network Top 20.

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