NTN Encore Question of November 3rd, 2012.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York, Ontario.

Headliner:...TAYLOR SWIFT over Faith Hill and Martina McBride

Encore Question:...Which is the title of a 2012 love ballad by Taylor Swift?

Tonight I'm playing alone as my friends have driven to a concert in Hamilton.

Here's how my game went and my comments:

Tune Up...ROCKET...4500/5000..1st/4.     
.............LITBOX...4500/5000...1st/4...I go 1 for 2 in guessing.
The Line Up...ROCKET...9500/15000...1st/4...ICEMAN wins round. 
...........LITBOX...9500/15000...1st/4...I get 5 right and 5 wrong in this round which I found really hard although I should have
guessed Waylon Jennings over Merle Haggard as the singer of 'The Dukes of Hazard Theme'.  
Triviaoke...ROCKET...13790/25000...1st/4...looks like I'm the only one playing anymore. 
............LITBOX...13770/25000...2nd/4.  I took four -250s this round.  The default answer seemed to be '2' for many rounds of this game.        
Opening Act...ROCKET...22540/35000...1st/4.
...........LITBOX...22520/35000...1st/4...hey good round!
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 9 right for 1000, 0 for +250, 1 for -250, and 0 I didn't answer.   
............LITBOX...32790/56250...2nd/4...I get 8 right and 2 wrong.
TAYLOR SWIFT:  1.  Which music label signed Taylor Swift to a contract after her Bluebird Cafe show?--Little League Music, K-Tel, Megahits Inc, 
2.  "She wears high heels, I wear __________" is from a Taylor Swift song 'You Belong With Me':--slippers, boots, SNEAKERS, sandals, flip flops
3.  Which Taylor Swift single has the lyric "I hate that stupid old pick up truck"?--Love Story, Jump Then Fall, Breathe, Eyes Open, PICTURE TO BURN
4.  Which Grammy winner album made Taylor Swift the youngest to win for 'Album of the Year'--FEARLESS, Beautiful Eyes, Live From Soho, Red, Speak Now
5.  In 2012 Taylor Swift sings "Loving him is like driving a _________ down a dead end street.":--NEW MASERATI, herd of cats, stubborn mule, bicycle
built for two, soap box racer
6.  Which 2012 movie included the song 'Safe and Sound' written by Taylor Swift?--Safe House, THE HUNGER GAMES, Contraband, Flowers Of War, 
Men In Black III
7.  What does Taylor Swift sing in the 2007 song lyric "Last Christmas, I gave you __________"?--a chance, a lump of coal, a sweater, 
three French hens, MY HEART
8.  In what song does Taylor Swift sing "I'm not a princess, this ain't a fairy tale"?--Superman, The Outside, WHITE HORSE, Last Kiss, You're Not Sorry
9.  What was Taylor Swift's follow up single to her 2006 hit 'Tim McGraw'?--TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR, Cold As You, The Outside, Picture To Burn, 
Stay Beautiful 
10. In 2012 Taylor Swift sings "Where everybody stands up and keep your ___________":--legs crossed, feet moving, EYES OPEN, hat on, mouth shut

I did write notes on each possible Headliner but was pretty sure it would be about Taylor Swift and even spent time watching some of her videos on YouTube this afternoon.

Q1 I knew from years ago. That label is now bringing in some music veterans. Q2 I changed my answer from the right one to 'flip flops' even though I'd seen the video earlier this afternoon. That's the question I want back! Q3 I switched this one to the right answer from 'Love Story' when I thought the emotions from the correct answer song were angry. Made up for the last question. Q4 she's only had four albums so remember putting this in my notes. Q5 didn't know this one and went with 'stubborn mule'. Q6 I bought the album soundtrack for the bluegrass style music even though I didn't see the movie. Q7 Hey I bought her Christmas album last year even though it came out maybe three years ago. This is an old Wham song. Q8 I knew this one! Lots of white horses in fairy tales. Q9 I knew this one too. Q10 another question from The Hunger Games and the only one that is an actual title.

So I missed Q2 and Q5 and don't really build up the bonus points. Would have been better if I'd got Q2. I would have liked trivia questions like 'What kind of farm did Taylor Swift grow up on in Pennsylvania?' Answer: A Christmas tree farm! I wouldn't have known that two years ago but once I went "Wow" I've never forgotten it whereas lyrics are displaced by newer song lyrics.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual. I'll need this right to get the full P+ points. Another week of risk!


  1. Mine
  2. His
  3. Others
  4. Hers
  5. Ours





I only know two of these titles as actual songs. That's '1' and '5'. I have her brand new CD 'Red' but I haven't unwrapped it yet. I load about 15 CDs to my MP player once a month and her new album came out the week after I loaded up last time. I was thinking of bringing it in my bag with my Billboard magazine but didn't. Now I don't know if '2', '3' or '4' could be the answers. Well I'm almost glad it is too dark to read my notes because I would have looked back at her older albums. I knew 'Mine' was from her 2010 album 'Speak Now'. I went with 'Ours' but don't feel good about this.

Correct Answer:....5. Ours

[NTN Extra Fact:..."Life makes love look hard, the stakes are high, the waters rough, but this love is ours".]

I didn't like that question. It was on her 'Speak Now' album from 2010 but singles kept being released until this year. Since I'm an album collector and usually buy them the week they come out to take advantage of first week pricing, to me this song came out in 2010. This week I was glad I didn't have more than 30 seconds to overthink this answer and also that it was too dark to read my notes.

I'm right and win as ROCKET with 49185. I earn 3000+ points for meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 16th in the Playback East district. I finish 9th on this bar's Hall of Fame.
(ntn.com ranked our bar at 24th out of 832 bars. I noticed that was the #1 rank in Canada. That's pretty good for only three playmakers in action and a comment on how hard this game has become).

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
ROCKET   32790   5     49185              16         43 
LITBOX   32770   5     49155              17         44
ICEMAN   11180   1      5590            3523       1181         
SHERYL   10050   X     10050            1548        ---
JEREMY       0   X         0            5999        ---
(ntn.com listed 1796 Players Plus players with 1683 having a positive score in the Playback East district).  

Other games:
7:00pm...NFL The Season...ROCKET...5518...I'm 1352nd of 1983 in NA...I earn 1500+ points.
...............LITBOX...6677...I'm 1228th of 1983 in NA...I earn 1500+ points.
I got here at 7:30pm to start playing then stopped so I could read the cover story on Taylor Swift in Billboard magazine that I'd meant to read all day. I risked 0 on the final question and was wrong anyway.
8:00pm...Playback...(see above)
After the game I figured I could stay here and play Speedfreaks and the other games on my own or go home and finish writing a soccer game report for my webpage from two weeks ago. I decided to go home.

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