NTN Encore Question of October 20th, 2012.
Played at The Unicorn in Toronto, Ontario.

Headliner:...QUINCY JONES over Burt Bacharach and Daniel Lanois

Encore Question:...What award was given to Quincy Jones in 2010 at the White House by Barack Obama?

Tonight I'm playing with Rob COSMO, Phil PLBAAB, and Rob CHATZ.

I didn't make any notes for this week although I did expect to play. Just a quick read through Wikipedia and a read through the liner notes of the 'Burt Bacharach--Gold' CD that I own where he cowrote all of the songs by different artists.

Here's how my game went and my comments:

Tune Up...ROCKET...5000/5000..1st/5.     
.............LITBOX...5000/5000...1st/5...all five of us sweep through this round.
The Line Up...ROCKET...11000/15000...3rd/5...PLBAAB wins round with 13000. 
...........LITBOX...11000/15000...3rd/5...my boards go 6 right and 4 wrong and didn't realize how many I'd missed until the end.  
Triviaoke...ROCKET...18500/25000...4th/5...CHATZ wins round. 
............LITBOX...18500/25000...4th/5.  I took two -250s this round but everything else I earn 1000.  Glad to see a lot of answers
were actual song titles so I still had a chance if I'd never heard the song.      
Opening Act...ROCKET...27250/35000...3rd/5.
...........LITBOX...27250/35000...3rd/5...CHATZ is in the lead.
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 9 right for 1000, 0 for +250, 1 for -250, and 0 I didn't answer.  Great round for us this week.  
............LITBOX...35000/56250...1st/5...my two boards go 7 for 10 and must have won round.
QUINCY JONES:  1.  Which 1963 song was the first major pop hit produced by Quincy Jones?--Let It Be, IT'S MY PARTY, Say Say Say, The Girl Is Mine, 
Fly Me To The Moon 
2.  The opening theme song for the long running TV series ____________ was written by Quincy Jones.--Lost In Space, Jeopardy, Get Smart, 
Mission Impossible, IRONSIDE
3.  Which Quincy Jones music became the theme song for the Austin Powers movie trilogy?--The Funky Chicken, Be Bop Baby, SOUL BOSA NOVA, Classical Jazz,
Swing Time Rag
4.  Quincy Jones won his first Grammy Award in 1963 with Count Bassie as a music:--composer, ARRANGER, producer, lyricist, performer 
5.  The 'Streetbeater' was a Quincy Jones theme song for this 1970s sitcom:--Taxi, The Odd Couple, SANFORD & SON, Happy Days, Mork & Mindy
6.  Quincy Jones won his 27th Grammy Award in 2001 for 'Best Spoken Word Album' of a/an:--mentoring program, investment program, AUTOBIOGRAPHY,
Aesop fables, safari travel adventure  
7.  Which megapop star had three successful albums produced by Quincy Jones?--Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Lionel Richie, MICHAEL JACKSON, Nat King Cole
8.  Quincy Jones produced the TV series 'The Fresh Prince of Bel Air' and wrote the:--Will Smith's dialogue, pilot, THEME SONG, voiceover promotion,
network contract
9.  A Quincy Jones lyric "Who is it that walks the street with all the action?": Maxwell Smart, THE DUDE, The Pink Panther, Shaft, Shorty
10.  Quincy Jones won an Emmy for the music score of this TV mini-series in 1977?--North and South, ROOTS, Wild Palms, Centennial, Tales of the City  

Q1 was easy enough as I'd read years ago that he worked with Lesley Gore although I can see now days later that this was the only song from 1963. Q2 we went with 'Get Smart' as I could say it was peppy enough. Q3 was funny as my Burt Bacharach CD has quotes from Mike Myers as to how much BBs music influenced the style of the Austin Powers movie and BB made a cameo in the movie but I remember reading about this thinking it was a style of music although extra fact said it was the song title. Q4 Rob and I knew that Quincy Jones started as a performer so I thought he'd win for his trumpet playing. Q5 Ron had called out Sanford & Son for an answer for Q2 before the titles were displayed so said "Now it's Sanford & Son" for this question that I should have eventually guessed knocking out the other choices. Q6 I think this was a consensus to get it right. Q7 this was the easiest question of the round. Q8 I guessed this right and think this must have been where I pulled ahead--it seemed the most obvious but that's not always how this game works. Q9 We went with Shaft but the lyrics didn't look right. Q10 Well I could back up the year as I remember what grade I was in in school when it was shown.

Ok I get questions 2, 4, and 9 wrong but the others must have got one other wrong because I passed them.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual. I didn't notice that I didn't have enough points to survive being wrong and get the bonus points.


  1. Badge of Freedom
  2. National Medal of Arts
  3. Citizenship
  4. Oak Leaf Cluster
  5. Man of the Year





I must have caught a glimpse of this on my reading but I'm not sure. I can peel off 'Oak Leaf Cluster' as I think that is a military award. I think there aren't too many winners so think there wouldn't be a 'Man of the Year' given out by the White House. Should have thought that Quincy Jones was of course born in the USA so that choice was not a good title. I am in for '2' right away. The group thinks that's the best. I like that the word 'Arts' is in it because that's at least the most obviously relevant.

Correct Answer:....2. National Medal of Arts

[NTN Extra Fact:...The National Endowment of the Arts medal was given to Jones for his lifetime work in music.]

Great except we found out Phil wasn't paying attention and said he thought we said '1'.

I'm right and win as ROCKET with 52500. I earn 3000+ points for meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 15th on the Network Top 20 in the Playback East district. The bar finishes 9th on the Network Top 20 with an average of 44911. Rob says we would have been 5th if we'd all been right. I finish 3rd on this bar's Hall of Fame and we have the top 4 spots here the rare times that we are here.
(ntn.com moved us up to 8th out of 847 bars.)

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
LITBOX    35000    2    52500            15         35
ROCKET	  35000    2    52500            15         35
COSMO     34750    2    52125            16         38
CHATZ     33770    2    50655            24         44
PLBAAB    33550    1    16775           468        710
(ntn.com listed 1826 Players Plus players with 1712 having a positive score in the Playback East district).  

I had been at a soccer game today then visited my father. When I phoned Rob he said they'd chosen The Unicorn. Hey that's within walking distance. It was a light rain I walked through. I knew it was uphill to walk south on Bayview but didn't realize that when I got to Eglinton and turned west, it would be uphill again! I didn't think I'd have enough time to stop at McDonalds and eat and still get here in time so just stopped to buy some chocolate bars. No worries it turned out as Ron CHATZ was here which was a surprise. He'd even asked for extra boards for when we showed up.

Other games:
7:00pm...NFL The Season...ROCKET...9943...988th of 1915th...I earn 1500+ points.
...............LITBOX...9940...989th of 1915th...I earn 1500+ points.
I got here to sign on a 7:30pm. All my answers I was waiting to change to whatever Ron recommended. I had 13000 then lost the max 25% on the final question. Buffalo Bills are 0-6 and I can't say I'm helping them with my efforts.
Thanks to the Scataring message board I've found what the points are for signing on. A 20000 score would earn me 3000 P+ points.
8:00pm...Playback...(see above)
9:00pm...Tuned In...ROCKET...6814/10000...4th/5...1000+ P+ points...I'm 80th in the PB East.
........LITBOX...6832/10000...3rd/5...1000+ P+ points...I'm 79th in the PB East...the bar is 13th with a 6681 average on the Network Top 20 for the Playback East district....CHATZ wins with 8106 and is 14th on the Network Top 20.
I needed help or I wouldn't have made it to 6000+ for full P+ points. The 'new' television shows on the multi US networks of today I just don't know at all. 9:15pm...Speedfreaks...ROCKET...2000/26000...3rd/5...900+ points...I'm 3282nd in NA.
........LITBOX...2000/26000...3rd/5...900+ points...I'm 3282nd in NA...CHATZ wins with 8250.
I earn enough points early to turn my boards over and help Rob and Ron.
9:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...13684/15000...2nd/5...1000+ points...I'm 31st in NA...not sure why I should earn 14 badges in one game.
..........LITBOX...13684/15000...2nd/5...1000+ points...I'm 31st in NA...COSMO wins with 13798 and is 17th on the Network...the bar is 19th in NA with a 12241 average.
10:00pm...LateShift...ROCKET...9094/10000...2nd/5...900+ points...I'm 7th overall in all NA.
.................LITBOX...9094/10000...2nd/5...900+ points...I'm 7th overall in all NA...CHATZ wins with 9179 and is 5th on the Network Top 20. The bar is 2nd in North America with an 8773 average. our placings are 5, 7, 7, 9, 42.

I took some pictures just before I left so may use one for a home page update.

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