NTN Encore Question of September 29th, 2012.
Played at The Unicorn in Toronto, Ontario.

Headliner:...BEYONCE over Mariah Carey and Rihanna

Encore Question:...Beyonce's hit song 'Single Ladies' she sings "If you liked it then you shoulda _______________":

Tonight I'm playing with Rob COSMO, Phil PLBAAB, and Ron CHATZ. I had talked to Rob earlier in the day and when I found out he wanted to come here I said I wouldn't make it because I'd be just finishing a soccer game and there wouldn't be enough time to get here without driving direct and parking is about impossible in this part of town. Within five minutes of saying "no" I figured out that I would be able to make the Playback game so phoned back and promised I'd be there. I was happy to see Ron as I've only seen him at the Frog & Firkin but he said he was the one who set this place up with the others. After soccer I drove home parked my car then came by subway and bus and made it to start playing at my usual time.

Here's how my game went and my comments:
Tune Up...ROCKET...4500/5000..1st/5...my two boards and PLBAAB win round.     
.............LITBOX...4500/5000...1st/5...I split my boards twice in 1 for 2 guessing.
The Line Up...ROCKET...13500/15000...2nd/5...PLBAAB goes 10 for 10 and takes lead at 14500. 
...........LITBOX...13500/15000...2nd/5...my boards go 9 right and 1 wrong.  A great round this week only missing on knowing which
state Grace Potter was from--Vermont (whereas I mixed her up with the Florence & the Machine leader and not finding England and picking
Massachusetts).  We all helped get questions in this round.  One was about which was NOT a Rush album--we all knew but I could name
'World Container' was a Tragically Hip album--another great Canadian band.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...21420/25000...1st/5...ROCKET wins round. 
............LITBOX...21390/25000...2nd/5.  I took only one -250 this round.  I helped with two that I remembered being repeat questions.      
Opening Act...ROCKET...28920/35000...1st/5.
...........LITBOX...28890/35000...2nd/5...CHATZ wins round.
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 8 right for 1000, 0 for +250, 2 for -250, and 0 I didn't answer.  
One of the questions is about Beyonce with four facts about her probably too easy for the Headliner and the answer was NOT something
about her.
............LITBOX...44640/56250...2nd/5...my two boards win round as I go 9 for 10.
BEYONCE:  1.  Who joined Beyonce on her hit 'Crazy In Love'?--JAY-Z, Foxy Brown, Eve, Nelly, Coolio
2.  Which R&B star coproduced 'Irreplaceable' with Beyonce?--NE-YO  over Usher and three other choices.
3.  Beyonce's 2011 album was this numeric title:  2, 3, 4, 5, 1   (answer was '4' meaning press button '3')
4.  Which song from a 2008 Beyonce album featured Lady Gaga?--Smash Into You, Single Ladies, VIDEO PHONE, If I Were A Boy, Ava Maria
5.  Before beginning her solo career, Beyonce Knowles was the lead singer for: Sugarland, DESTINY'S CHILD, Pussycat Dolls, Dixie Chicks, 
The Staple Singers 
6.  On the song __________, Beyonce sings "I'd put myself first and make the rules up as I go":  Halo, Freaky Friday, New Shoes, IF I WERE A BOY,
Single Ladies
7.  Beyonce teamed up with this singer for the 2003 single 'Baby Boy':--P Diddy, R Kelly, SEAN PAUL, Jay-Z, Will Smith
8.  Who did Beyonce admit to killing in a 2010 interview in Allure Magazine?--Kenny, Jane Doe, JR on Dallas, SASHA FIERCE, The Radio Star
9.  "I can feel the sun whenever you're near" is a line from this song by Beyonce:--Beautiful Liar, Lay Up, Under Me, Irreplaceable, LOVE ON TOP
10.  With whom did Beyonce team up with on her #1 hit 'Beautiful Liar'?--Dido, Akon, Britney Spears, SHAKIRA, Avril Lavigne

I expected Beyonce would be the Headliner as Mariah Carey and Rihanna have been asked within the last three years. I had old Mariah Carey notes and wrote some about Beyonce this week and Rihanna earlier today (as I knew I wasn't playing the week she was the Headliner). I spent my subway ride down here just reading over Beyonce notes. Ron said he knew all about Beyonce so his input will help.

Q1 future husband = good start. Q2 hmm. Ron says he thinks it's Usher which I select but then think Ne-Yo was more a behind the scenes guy and I changed near the end. (that's why I won the round). Q3 no problems here except we had to be careful how we said the answer "Press button 3", "the album is called 4". Q4 easy enough with the selection but the two of them also had the song 'Telephone' together. Q5 very easy and I hadn't made notes on this part of her career (I wouldn't have been able to read them in this dark place anyway). Q6 Thanks Ron as I'm not sure if I'd have gone 1, 4 or 5 before he gave us the answer. Q7 Ron got us this too but I would have guessed it before time was up. Q8 Killing? oh it was a character! I know this. Q9 I think we all go with Irreplaceable...I don't think she had songs 3 or 4 or I dictated them wrong. That was my one wrong answer this round. Q10 easy enough which I call out before the choices are up.

Related to last week's Encore question, she had a song with Jay-Z named '03 Bonnie & Clyde.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual. Ron joked that I should press '3' (so he could pass me)


  1. put a ring on it
  2. asked me to dance
  3. told me
  4. ordered more drinks
  5. called me later





This was easy enough. It was the subtitle of the actual song. It won a Grammy for song of the year. I remember the original video but it was replaced in my mind by the Saturday Night Live sketch with Beyonce and 'back-up dancers' Justin Timberlake, Adam Sandler, and Bobby Moynihan

Correct Answer:....1. put a ring on it

[NTN Extra Fact:...Beyonce's saying "If you don't commit - I'll be gone".]

I'm right and win as ROCKET at 67005. I earn 3000+ points for meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 3rd on the Network Top 20 in the Playback East district. The bar is 4th in the Playback East region. I place 1st on this bars Hall of Fame displacing someone who had a score of 3000 at most.
(ntn.com kept out bar in 4th out of 901 bars with a 60930 average.)

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
ROCKET   44670   1      67005             3          7
LITBOX   44640   1      66960             4          8
CHATZ    39540   1      59310             8         28
COSMO    37470   1      56205             8         33
PLBAAB   36780   1      55170             9         37
(ntn.com listed 1962 Players Plus players with 1776 having a positive score in the Playback East district).  

This was a great night. I'm glad I did recalculate my travel time and show up here. Part of this was I knew I won't play next week with two soccer games to attend.

Other games:
7:00pm...NFL The Season...ROCKET...17910...739th of 4002.
...............LITBOX...6091...2239th of 4002.
I got here a bit earlier than last week. Ron was already at 20000 or so and helped me on some answers. I only had one board to start. I did split on the final question and got it right with ROCKET. There were other people playing in the bar but this was their last game before quitting. My Buffalo Bills team is 0-3 for the season. I hope I'm not dragging my team down.
8:00pm...Playback...(see above)
9:00pm...Tuned In...ROCKET...7884/10000...3rd/5...1000+ P+ points...I'm 70th in NA.
........LITBOX...7884/10000...3rd/5...1000+ P+ points...I'm 70th in NA...the bar is 3rd with an 8332 average on the Network Top 20 for North America....CHATZ wins and is 4th on the Network Top 20 with 9339.
I needed lots of help in this game or I don't think I would have earned the 6000 score needed for full P+ points. The 'new' television shows on the multi US networks of today I just don't know at all. 9:15pm...Speedfreaks...ROCKET...2500/28000...4th/5...900+ points...I'm 2924th in NA.
........LITBOX...2500/28000...4th/5...900+ points...I'm 2924th in NA...CHATZ wins with 12250 and is 104th in NA.
It takes more than half the questions to earn the P+ points on both boards and then I stopped playing.
9:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...10066/15000...1st/5...1000+ points...I'm 265th in NA.
..........LITBOX...10060/15000...2nd/5...1000+ points...I'm 266th in NA.

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