NTN Encore Question of August 18th, 2012.

Headliner:...SUMMER LOVE SONGS over Mad at the World Songs and Moody Blues

I didn't play this week as I was at a soccer game that was held at the Canadian National Exhibition so after the game I stayed to see the fair.

Thanks to POMAN of the Skarating Message board for his recap.

Encore Question:...Q: Who Had A Hit In 1969 With The Song "Hot Fun In The Summertime:"

Headliner: Summer Love Songs
 (paraphrased, as usual)

[Back by unpopular demand, my comments in brackets]

Q1: The title of Kelly Clarkson's 2005 hit song, "Behind These _______ Eyes" (HAZEL)

Q2: The first top ten hit for Van Morrison: (BROWN EYED GIRL)

Q3: "I'm Ready For Love" and "Dancing In The Street" were 1960s hits by ______ And The Vandellas. (MARTHA)

Q4: "Forever In Love" is a hit [sic] song by: (KATY PERRY)

[Players should know by now that even anything Katy Perry sings in the shower just to herself is a hit song, at least according to buzztime ]

Q5: "I've Got You Under My _____" is found on the album Love Songs by Diana Krall: (SKIN)

Q6: Which Beyonce song contains the lyrics... [well I guess it would probably help if I could read my scribble here]: (COUNTDOWN)

Q7: The 1990 movie Summer Dreams tells the story of this artist: (BEACH BOYS)

Q8: All of these songs are mismatched with the artist who sings them except: (DRAKE - BEST I EVER HAD)

[I guess it would've helped to read this question correctly ]

Q9: The 2009 hit song "Summer Love" is by: (JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE)

Q10: "I asked her to stay, but she wouldn't listen" is the opening line of a song by: (MAROON 5)

[Buzztime factoid: "Won't Go Home Without You" is the song title]

Encore Answers:

1. James Brown
2. Sly Stone
3. George Clinton







. Correct Answer: (SLY STONE)

My friends played at the Squier & Firkin and must have got the correct answer but only played three boards.

I would have got the Encore question right too.

Interesting while I was at the CNE I saw a very small display named 'Rock and Roll Will Never Die' and it had exhibits on The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and The Beach Boys (as if they were the only rock and roll stars. I saw a picture in their archives taken of the Beach Boys performing at the old Grandstand that was on these grounds (which was since demolished and built over with the soccer stadium). Something looked wrong with one of the pictures. Al Jardine was playing his guitar left handed...and wait...Carl Wilson was playing his guitar left handed. Another picture from some publicity ad had Jardine playing right handed. I pointed it out to the young guy acting as the curator. I figured out that the image must have been reversed. He said I was the first person to ever notice that. Must have had tens of thousands of viewers through the display so far. Soon after a home movie played through a portion of a concert and showed them both playing right handed.

Nice to see that I never switch off thinking about music. By the way the Beach Boys have a version of 'Hot Sun in the Summertime' which I really like but is on an album that isn't available anyway but I watch the video often on YouTube.

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