NTN Encore Question of June 30th, 2012.

Headliner:...007 MOVIE THEMES over TV Sitcom Themes and Love Movie Themes

I didn't play this week as I was at the MLS Toronto FC vs New York Red Bulls right at this time.

Headliner: 007 Movie Themes
 (paraphrased, as usual)

Q1: Sang the theme song to You Only Live Twice: (NANCY SINATRA)

Q2: Man With The ______ Touch is the title of a Bond work: (MIDAS)

Q3: Sang the theme song to Octopussy: (RITA COOLIDGE)

Q4: Sang the theme song to Thunderball: (TOM JONES)

Q5: Jack Black [sic] and ________________ sang the first duet to a Bond theme song: (ALICIA KEYS)

Q6: Sang the theme song to A View To A Kill: (DURAN DURAN)

Q7: Sang the theme song to Diamonds Are Forever: (SHIRLEY BASSEY)

Q8: Sang the theme song to Live & Let Die: (PAUL MCCARTNEY & WINGS)

Q9: Sang the theme song to The Spy Who Loved Me: (CARLY SIMON)

Q10: The lead singer of this band sang a James Bond theme song: (POISON) [sic]
(Buzztime's post-question factoid: Chris Cornell was also in Audioslave)

Encore Round:
Q: Which Rock Band Sang And Performed The James Bond Movie, The World Is Not Enough

1. Garbage
2. Beastie Boys
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers
4. Nine Inch Nails
5. Alice In Chains





Answer: 1. (GARBAGE)

My friends Rob and Phil played this week but with only one board each. They had around 65000 each. This was amazing considering the Q10 had no 'right' answer among the choices. Also Q5 was supposed to be Jack White (not Black). They must have gone 9 for 10 in the Headliner round. They are big movie fans so it wouldn't surprise me. I have a James Bond themes CD within the last five years but they didn't need me this week.

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