NTN Encore Question of July 23rd, 2012.

Headliner:...C&W TEARJERKERS over Louisiana Blues and Memphis Soul

I was at a soccer game and didn't play this week. It was a MLS Reserves League game played after the main Toronto FC vs New England Revolution contest.

Thanks to POMAN of the Scaratings message board for the recap.

Headliner: C&W Tearjerkers
(paraphrased, as usual)

Q1: "More Than A Memory" is by: (GARTH BROOKS)

Q2: Brad Paisley duets with ________ on "When I Get Where I'm Going" (DOLLY PARTON)

Q3: "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" is by: (HANK WILLIAMS SR)

Q4: Brad Paisley teamed up with Alison Krauss on "______ Lullaby" (WHISKEY)

Q5: "Travelin' Soldier" was a hit for: (DIXIE CHICKS)

Q6: In 2008, she had a hit with "Just A Dream" (CARRIE UNDERWOOD)

Q7: This Canadian wrote "Home," a big hit for Blake Shelton: (MICHAEL BUBLE)

Q8: In 2007, Rascal Flatts had a big hit with this song: (WHAT HURTS THE MOST)

Q9: "Like We Never Loved At All" is by: (FAITH HILL)

Q10: Bucky Covington had a hit with this song: (I'LL WALK)


Q: (Can't read my writing here, but it's something like who hit with the) C&W single "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue:"

1. Patty Loveless
2. Alison Krauss
3. Crystal Gayle
4. Tammy Wynette
5. K.T. Oslin





. Answer: 3. (Crystal Gayle)

Rob and Phil played this week but only used one board each and finished with 45000 something each. I expect I would have been able to help their scores if I'd been there.

Strange but in the last few weeks on my MP3 player I've finally loaded up Loretta Lynn 'Gold' double CD of her hits. That's an older sister of Crystal Gayle. I would have got the Encore question.

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