NTN Encore Question of April 28th, 2012.
Played at The Spotted Dick in Toronto, Ontario.

Headliner:...LEAD VOCALS over Percussion and Before They Were Stars

Encore Question:...Isaac Brock sings lead vocals for this musical trio:

Tonight I'm playing with my two boards with Rob COSMO, Sean METLCA, Phil PLBAAB, and LeAnn LIZZY. We've agreed to play at The Spotted Dick which is a place at the juncture of the two subway lines so it's easy for we northern city guys and Sean and LeAnn in the west end. None of us have ever been to this place. This is in a downstairs location from some large office tower. It's rather small and narrow. While the game is on LeAnn complains about the smell of the place. Hmm it is a moldy smell. Like a basement full of National Geographic magazines? I don't think of that at the time.

Here's how my game went and my comments:
Tune Up...ROCKET...5000/5000..1st/6...all of us our tied for the lead.     
The Line Up...ROCKET...15000/15000...1st/6. 
...........LITBOX...15000/15000...1st/6...well that's a good start tonight.  10 for 10.  Thanks to Rob getting us the Carly Rae Jepsen cover
song of John Denver's (Sunshine On My Shoulders).  He said he'd heard the song months ago but didn't know who sang it.  
Triviaoke...ROCKET...23050/25000...2nd/6.  COSMO wins round.
............LITBOX...23050/25000...2nd/6.  I only take one -250 this week and that question broke my perfect game.  It was a Jessica Simpson
song that I'd gotten both right and wrong before but answered too fast and didn't read all the choices.  LeAnn has left the bar and Sean
momentarily follows.  I make sure my other friends operate two boards each to keep our good scores going.    
Opening Act...ROCKET...28050/35000...2nd/6.
The Pound key round.  I figured I must have gone 5 right for 1000, 2 for +250, 2 for -250, and 1 I didn't answer.  METLCA wins round and takes
the lead.
............LITBOX...49300/56250...2nd/6...I go for 10 for 10 for an excellent round and make sure we all go through with that.  
LEAD VOCALS:...1.  James Hetfield handles lead vocals for this heavy metal group:--Metallica...2.  Which girl group first hit the airwaves
in the 1980's with Belinda Carlisle on vocals?--The Go-Go's...3.  Who was the lead vocalist of both The Baby's and Bad English?--John Waite
...4.  He was the lead singer for The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, and Traffic:--Steve Winwood...5.  Ringo Starr sang lead vocals on
all these Beatles songs EXCEPT:--Hello Goodbye (other choices Yellow Submarine, Octopus's Garden, Act Naturally, and I Want To Be Your Man)
...6.  Who was the lead singer for alt-metal band Korn?--Jonathan Davis...7.  Pauline Black is lead vocalist for this popular ska band:--
The Selecter...8.  Alex Kapranos belts out the lead vocals for this Scotish quartet:--Franz Ferdinand...9.  In 2007 which heavy metal band
mourned the death of lead singer Kevin Durbrow(sic)?--Quiet Riot...10.  Which solo artist was once lead vocalist for The Spencer Davis Group?--
Steve Winwood           

First five questions were easy enough. Thanks to Sean for the answer to Q6 as there were three Korn members I think that were offered. The Selecter was the only ska band's name that I recognized from the choices so I convinced the others to go for it. Q8 has been asked before ...the group name is the Austrian archduke before WW1 and Kapranos isn't a very Scotish name. Proof reading by the quiz masters could have found the corrent spelling of Kevin DuBrow and more important that Q4 and Q10 were too similar...maybe this was a reward for us for paying attention.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual.


  1. Limp Bizkit
  2. Weezer
  3. Modest Mouse
  4. Blink 182
  5. The Strokes





That name sounds familiar but I start by narrowing in on trios and toss out the five man Strokes, Blink 182 with three guys but not that name, Phil offers the correct answer. Weezer has four guys and Limp Bizkit has a large posse although that last one I don't offer before Phil has suggested Modest Mouse. Yeah I agree and overrule any of their doubts by numbers in the band. Fred Durst is offered as the vocalist of Limp Bizkit.

Correct Answer:....3. Modest Mouse

[NTN Extra Fact:...The band from Washington State had a hit song in 2004 with 'Float On'.]

Good thing it wasn't too much detail as I mixed up the group Modest Mouse with the producer Brian 'Danger Mouse' Burton who with Cee-Lo Green formed Gnarls Barkley.

I'm right and stay in 2nd with both my boards with 73950. I earn 3000+ points for meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 5th overall in the Playback East district. The bar was 2nd in the Playback East district with a 73374 average...METLCA wins and is first on this bar's reset Hall of Fame out of seven listings...second best has just over 15000.
(ntn.com kept us in 2nd out of 1147 bars in the district).

Here's how the rest of the bar did:   
Player	preEncore       Final           Rank   ntn.com rank
METLCA  49720     3   74580               4       8
LITBOX  49300     3   73950               5      10
ROCKET  49300     3   73950               5      10
COSMO   48860     3   73290               5      12
PLBAAB  47400     3   71100               6      16
LIZZY   47070     3   70605               7      18
(ntn.com listed 2555 Players Plus players with 2357 having a positive score in the Playback East district).  

We leave this bar as soon as the game ends. Glad they warned me so I wouldn't order another drink. We walk to find another place and pass the address by as there's scaffolding over the address. I'm glad I had my winter parka for this extra walking. We find The Bishop and Belcher which is another pub done up in English decor with pictures of the royal family circa 1900. We find a room that is decorated with all kinds of sofas and there are board games besides NTN. The screen has one-third of itself advertising that we play this game which makes it harder to see.

Other games:
7:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...7124/15000...3rd/8...1000+ points...I'm 1458th in NA...I'm signed on for the last ten questions...one of the locals win.
...............LITBOX...5176/15000...5th/8...500+ points...I'm 2916th in NA...I'm signed on for the last seven questions
8:00pm...Playback...(see above)
9:00pm...Tuned In...I'm in transit between bars to The Bishop and Belcher
9:15pm...Speed Freaks...ROCKET...3000/28000...900+ points...I didn't notice my rank.
I get two correct answers ane stop playing until my friends miss out on one.
9:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...13244/15000...1st/4...1000+ points...I'm 18th on the Network Top 20 in all North America.
I earn something like 11 badges. I'm sure I have that many by the tenth question and earn one without scoring a full 1000.

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