NTN Encore Question of December 3rd, 2011.

I didn't play this week. I was still recovering from my a heart operation. I remember at 9:00pm turning off my light to get some sleep as I still couldn't get through a full night's sleep without waking up a few times. Thanks to POMAN for the recap.

Headliner:...PRINCE over Genesis, and Duran Duran

Encore Question:...All of these songs are on the Purple Rain soundtrack except:

Headliner: Prince
 (paraphrased, as usual)

Q1 "I Wanna Be Your Lover" is found on this 1979 album: (PRINCE)

Q2: This woman's name is the title of a Prince song: (ANNIE CHRISTIAN)

Q3 This song can be found on Prince's debut album, For You: (SOFT AND WET)

Q4 Prince co-wrote all the songs on this artist's 1985 album: (SHEILA E)

Q5 Which of these Prince albums is a double album: (1999)

Q6 Which of these Disney movies is also the name of a Prince song: (BAMBI)

Q7 Which of these Prince albums was released most recently: (PLANET EARTH)

Q8 At the Super Bowl halftime show, Prince covered this artist's "Best Of You": (FOO FIGHTERS)

Q9 In 1987, Prince recorded this album but didn't release it that year: (THE BLACK ALBUM)

Q10 Prince teamed up with ___________ on her album Come 2 My House: (CHAKA KHAN) 

I think I would have got about eight of these right.


  1. I Would Die 4 U
  2. When Doves Cry
  3. Let's Go Crazy
  4. Delirious
  5. Baby I'm A Star





Correct Answer:....4. Delirious

I would have got this one as I know this album and his previous album '1999' quite well. I owned both of these on vinyl when they came out. My friends got the Encore right.

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