NTN Encore Question of November 26th, 2011.

I didn't play this week. I was still in the hospital after my heart operation.

Headliner:...BROTHERS AND SISTERS over Songs About Food and Mothers and Fathers

Encore Question:...Who was ushered into the music business by her brother Eric?

Headliner: Brothers & Sisters
 (paraphrased, as usual)

Q1: He became the frontman for Twisted Sister in 1976: (DEE SNIDER)

Q2: Neil Diamond's "Brother's Love Traveling Salvation Show" has a ________ flavor to it. (GOSPEL)

Q3: Her younger sister Solange has released two albums of her own: (BEYONCE KNOWLES)

Q4: "Sister Golden Hair" was a US #1 hit for: (AMERICA)

Q5: "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" was a hit for: (THE HOLLIES)

Q6: Sisters Joni, Kathy, Debbie and Kim comprise this group: (SISTER SLEDGE)

Q7: It's the title of The Chemical Brothers' 2007 album: (WE ARE THE NIGHT)

Q8: In 1997, she released the album Sisters Of Avalon: (CYNDI LAUPER)

Q9: The brother's name of 30 Seconds To Mars' Jared Leto is: (SHANNON)

Q10: The _________ and Forester Sisters collaborated on "Too Much Is Not Enough" (BELLAMY BROTHERS)


  1. Jewel
  2. Gwen Stefani
  3. Miley Cyrus
  4. Ananis Morissette
  5. Sheryl Crow





Correct Answer:....2. Gwen Stefani

I wouldn't have gotten this and would only have gotten maybe seven of the Headliner round. Of course any pain from doing bad in the game couldn't translate into the suffering I was going through in the hospital.

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