NTN Encore Question of January 22nd, 2011.
I didn't play this week. I didn't feel like travelling across town to the west end after seeing my father in the hospital on the other side of the city. I had been upset by the last few months of the difficulty of the Encores so this was my own protest. Thanks to Rob POMAN for the recap.

Headliner:...CHICAGO over Air Supply and Foreigner

Encore Question:...In 2008, Chicago released the album "Chicago XXXII: _______________"

ROCKET, I didn't write down the questions during the game (I just remembered all of them an hour or so after the game was over). I don't have 
the exact order of them.

Q: Lead singer of Chicago from 1970-1985 (PETER CETERA)

Q: Title of Chicago hit, "What Kind Of ______________" (MAN WOULD I BE)

Q: All of these are Chicago hits except: (OPEN ARMS), Journey

Q: A former name of Chicago was: (CHICAGO TRANSIT AUTHORITY)

Q: Location of where a man asks what time it is in 25 or 6 to 4 (DOWN THE STREET)

(if that wasn't the song, then the song in the question was Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is...but the answer was still Down The Street)

Q It's the title of a Chicago song (all the choices were US Presidents): (HARRY TRUMAN)

Q What was the first year that Chicago had three top 10 hits in the same year? 1968, 1970, 1972, 1974, 1976 (1970)

Q As ROCKET predicted...The Chicago XIV album cover is a picture of a: (FINGERPRINT)

Q Chicago song lyric / title "You're The _________" (INSPIRATION)

Q Diane Warren penned this Chicago hit: (LOOK AWAY)
Answer: (4) Stone Of Sisyphus

I would have known this answer--because before coming here I always look at Wikipedia to get the names of albums and singles. Now almost all Chicago albums are 'numbers' but that added name would have been something I remembered.

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