NTN Encore Question of September 11th, 2010.
Played at The Pheasant & Firkin in North York, Ontario.

Headliner:...MTV VMAS, over MTV and Grammys

Encore Question:...In 1984 this group won "Best Video of the Year" at the first ever MTV Video Music Awards?

Tonight I'm playing as ROCKET and LITBOX with Rob COSMO and Phil PLBAAB.

Here's how my game went and my comments:
TuneUp...ROCKET...3500/5000...6th/7...I am getting a new board as my ROCKET board conked out with no warning.   
.............LITBOX...4500/5000...1st/7...Phil got me the first question while I was looking for a second board.
The LineUp...ROCKET...12500/15000...3rd/7.  
I got 9 right out of 10 for a good round but notice that one of my answers for LITBOX didn't take. Now I've got to look down on every
question to see if the number rings in.  Well that makes it less fun.       
Triviaoke...ROCKET...21930/25000...2nd/7...ROCKET wins round.    
..........LITBOX...21930/25000...2nd/7...I do very well this round.  I don't take any -250s.
Opening Act...ROCKET...24930/35000...2nd/7. 
................LITBOX...24930/35000...2nd/7...MACE wins round.
I must have got 4 right for 1000, 1 for +250, 5 for -250, and played every question.
MTV VMAs:...1. The MTV Video Music Awards are traditionally held approximately near this holiday:--Labor Day...2. Who is hosting tomorrow's
2010 MTV music awards?--Chesley Handler...3. The statutes given to the MTV music awards are called "_______ Men":--Moon...4. All of these
catchy songs won MTV video of the year award EXCEPT:--Crazy-Gnarls Barkley (won some awards but not nominated for Video of Year)...5. Which
MTV video music award was not established until the 1990s:--Best Alternative Video...6. The 2007 MTV Music Awards featured vignettes from
"Fantasy Suites" hosted by:--Fallout Boy and Kanye West...7.  Who won Best New Artist at the 1996 MTV Music Video Awards?--Alanis Morissette
8.  All of these artist have won more MTV music video awards than Michael Jackson EXCEPT:--U2 (who won 6, Jackson won 8 other choices
Aerosmith 10, Peter Gabriel 13, Green Day 11, Fatboy Slim 9)...9. This artist took home five trophies from the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards:
Beck...10. The 2005 MTV Music Award for Special Effects went to:--Gorillaz

I didn't do well in this round as I missed questions 5, 6, 8, and 10. Questions 4 and 9 were actually guesses that I lucked into. I was tipped off by members of the Scaratings message board that the category would probably be the MTV Music Awards because this year's edition was being held this weekend. I talked the guys out of Jimmy Fallon as host because he'd just hosted the Emmy Awards. I thought the Vanguard Award was some kind of Hall of Fame award and they wouldn't give that out until they were established for a long video award career. Well that idea was wrong. Morissette was a star in Canada for many years before the USA but I figured that was her year.

Now the Encore betting comes up. Well 50% as usual. We've only got four boards but I was told that the player at the bar was a good player so his two boards would get us a good score. I'd had enough trouble earlier tonight finding which end of the restaurant the signal even worked on--not in the back anyway. Also the board would conk out without warning.


  1. Men At Work
  2. Dire Straits
  3. The Cars
  4. Eurythmics
  5. Tears For Fears





When I read the Scaratings message board about the categories, I looked up on Wikipedia about the MTV Music Awards for all of 20 minutes--enough time to realize I didn't have time to memorize any of this stuff. I did notice the first ever winner of Video of the Year so I was ready for this question. Otherwise it could have been any of these groups. I spread the word to my friends and the other guy at the bar and start singing the winning song.

Correct Answer:....3. The Cars

[NTN Extra Fact:...The title of their winning video was "You Might Think".]

I'm right and win as LITBOX with 47145. I finish 10th on the Network Top 20 for all North America out of 5634 players. The bar finishes 6th with a 43821 point average. I earn 3000+ points for meeting the standard of 18000. I finish 1st on the Hall of Fame board for this bar! That should be good for a year.
(NTN.com kept us as 6th best bar out of 1514 in North America.)

Here's how the rest of the bar did: 
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	ntn.com rank
LITBOX	31430	3	47145	  10	  49
ROCKET	31430	3	47145	  10	  49
COSMO	30610	3	45915	  12	  57
MACE	27730	3	33276	  49	 127	
MRBILL	27380	3	41070	  21	  75	  
PLBAAB	25220	3	37830	  32	  98
WHOAMI	 5720	-	 5720	3369	2871
(ntn.com listed 5634 players with 5038 with a positive score)

Other games:...I don't look up my Player's Plus points tonight. I have enough trouble signing on. One side of the restaurant the signal doesn't work and it shows I'm logging on for over 15 minutes. Then when I get a different board it says the name is already in use so I am called OCKET2 for an entire game. I walk three blocks past this place because the large sign faces a side street. The smaller sign facing the main street is in front of a tree which blocks out the sign. I get there with cell phone calls to Rob who isn't even there yet. I've come directly from a soccer game and its taken far too long with missed streetcars, subways, and buses.
8:15pm...Buzztime...I earn 300+ for each board signing on in the front of the restaurant more than halfway through the game.
8:30pm...Buzztime...I earn 300+ for each board with similar problems.
8:45pm...Tuned-In TV...ROCKET...8315/10000...3rd/7...1000+ points...I miss the rankings...COSMO wins and is 12th in NA with a 8982 average.
.........LITBOX...8315/10000...3rd/7...1000+ points...I get lots of help in this game.
9:00pm...Playback (see above).

Well after getting the Encore question right and getting such a high ranking I feel great. I have played only twice in the last three months and wasn't expecting to play but a second soccer game today was rescheduled. I step out of the bar and it immediately starts to rain. Then I miss the bus and after that the subway on the way home.

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