NTN Encore Question of May 15th, 2010.
I wasn't playing this week. My friends played at The Squire & Firkin in Etobicoke York, Ontario.
Thanks to poman from the Scatatings message board for the recap.

Headliner:...ELVIS PRESLEY over Frank Sinatra and Bob Marley

Encore Question:...Elvis Presley had a Top 20 hit on the charts with which of these James Taylor songs?

I went to a local soccer game for the supper hour. It would have been possible to stop at a bar to play Playback but I wanted to get home and type up a game report as I had a few games to attend the next day. I had been to a Photo trade show with another friend earlier in the day so that was long enought to be away from home.


  1. Her Town Too
  2. How Sweet It Is
  3. You've Got A Friend
  4. Handy Man
  5. Steamroller Blues
recap from poman
(Paraphrased, as usual)

Headliner Round: 

Q1: "We're caught in a trap..." (SUSPICIOUS MINDS)

Q2: The first Elvis song to the top the charts? (HEARTBREAK HOTEL)

[Technically, this isn't correct. His first #1 song was "I Forgot To Remember To Forget," which topped the country chart a few months earlier].

Q3: A famous baby picture of Elvis is on the album cover of which of his releases? (ELVIS COUNTRY)

Q4: "Blue Suede Shoes" was a chart hit for Elvis & also a chart hit for... (CARL PERKINS) 

Q5: All of these songs were chart hits for Elvis except: (LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND)

Q6: The first Elvis song to top both the Country and R&B charts? (DON'T BE CRUEL)

["Hound Dog" was also a choice, which was a song that also topped the country and R&B charts).

Q7: Which of these Elvis songs is backed by an acoustic guitar? (LOVE ME TENDER)

Q8: In 1970, Elvis took in a famous tour of which of these locations? (FBI HEADQUARTERS) 

Q9: Elvis made his TV debut in 1956 on this show? (STAGE SHOW)

Q10: In 1961, Elvis contributed to the funding of which landmark? (USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL)





.page down.






Correct Answer:....5. Steamroller Blues

Rob COSMO won the game at 48K. The bar was 22nd in North America which was great to not even have five boards.

I would have got this answer. It's such an unusual title it's stuck with me all these years.

I wouldn't have studied for this game as Elvis and Frank Sinatra had more than a hundred hits each plus there could be questions about their movie careers. I wouldn't have built up much momentum in the Headliner round.

48,600  PLBAAB  Frog and Firkin  North York  ON  
43,740  COSMO  Frog and Firkin  North York  ON  
39,000  METLCA  Frog and Firkin  North York  ON  
10,120  LIZZY  Squire and Firkin  Etobicoke  ON  

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