NTN Encore Question of October 22nd, 2005
I wasn't playing this week. Thanks to Steven/SEKA from the Playback message board for the recap.

The choices of answers:
1.  Neil Sedaka
2.  George Martin
3.  Bob Dylan
4.  Tony Hatch
5.  Burt Bacharach

question below

QUESTION:  He wrote and produced the Petula Clark hits "Downtown" and "A Sign Of The Times".

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POST-ANSWER FACTOID:  In 1966, he produced three of David Bowie earliest singles.

I don't think I would have got that. I do own a Petulia Clark greatest hits CD that I've played in the last year but don't recall the songwriter's name. I would only have been able to throw out Bob Dylan and maybe guessed at one of the others. It's hard to say if I was at the bar what I would have done. I doubt that I would have had even 20000 before the Encore question because of the Triviaoke answers.

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