NTN Encore Question of September 25th, 2004


1.  Interpol
2.  Jimmy Eat World
3.  Modest Mouse
4.  Linkin Park
5.  The Strokes

I wasn't playing this week.  I had just got out of a soccer game and didn't have time to drive home and walk 
to my usual pub.  Thanks to HAPPY on the Playback message board for the recap. 

Encore Question:  Paul Banks wails the vocals for this rock group: 

page down further for correct answer...

Correct Answer:...1.  Interpol

I would have gotten rid of Linkin Park and The Strokes but not because I know what their singers names 
are.  I'd probably know them if I saw them.  Still that would have left a one in three guess so I'm glad I
wasn't playing this week.  Knowing I wouldn't be there, I didn't read up on music and would have had maybe	
four of the nine OnBeat questions.

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