NTN Encore Question of September 18th, 2004


1.  Boston Pops
2.  Mormon Tabernacle Choir
3.  Benny Goodman Orchestra
4.  New York Philharmonic
5.  The Rolling Stones

I wasn't playing this week.  I was at a soccer awards banquet.  I was wondering how difficult the Encore 
would be this week.  At most it will be four weeks before I'm here on a regular basis, all going well.  Thanks
to GIRLIE on the Playback message board for the recap. 

Encore Question:  Their debut performance occurred on June 1, 1934: 

page down further for correct answer...

Correct Answer:...3.  Benny Goodman Orchestra

I would have only been able to get rid of one choice as the Rolling Stones were in there as a novelty answer.  
Yeah we get it, they are old however none of them were even born in 1934.  Benny Goodman would have 
been worth a chance because it was from that time until the end of Second World War that they were at their 
most popular.  [from my music book, Boston Pops was founded in 1885, nothing about the other groups was 
listed].  I MIGHT have gone for this but paged too fast through the recap before I could think about it.  I would 
have gotten only four in the OnBeat round because I knew early in the week that I wouldn't be playing so didn't 
read up on music news this week.  20000 points before the Encore question would have been difficult. 

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