NTN Encore Question of September 11th, 2004


1.  Yolanda Adams
2.  Aretha Franklin
3.  Stephanie Mills
4.  Natalie Cole
5.  Linda Jones

I wasn't playing this week.  I was watching a CPSL soccer game between Vaughan Shooters and North York Astros.  
Thanks to GIRLIE on the Playback message board for the recap. 

Encore Question:  What R&B singer won applause for the 1994 gospel album "Personal Inspirations": 

page down further for correct answer...

Correct Answer:...3.  Stephanie Mills

I would not have gotten this one so was glad I wasn't playing!  Even after looking through my music 
book I didn't see this album ever made the Billboard Top 200 charts and it was long after Stephanie Mills 
pop career ended.  That would mean she sold less than 6000 copies of the album in any particular 
week.  I couldn't have gotten rid any of the five choices.  Otherwise, I think I would have reached 
20000 points before the Encore round.

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