NTN Encore Question of August 7th, 2004


1.  Lullaby
2.  Slide
3.  Time of Your Life
4.  Butterfly
5.  My Baby

I wasn't playing this week.  I was watching an A-League soccer game of Toronto Lynx and Vancouver Whitecaps.  
The Lynx won 2-0.   Thanks to GIRLIE on the Playback message board for the recap. 

Encore Question:  Shawn Mullins sings about a melancholy young lady living in L.A. on this 1990's hit:

page down further for correct answer...

Correct Answer:...1. Lullaby

I would have got this one as I remember this artist having this song then never hearing from him again.  I could 
have thrown all the other answers out anyway.  It's doubtful I would have reached 30000 points.  I haven't had 
time to keep up with music news.  Looking at the full game recap, I might have had four On-Beat questions.

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