NTN Encore Question of July 31, 2004

1.  Herman's Hermits
2.  The Who
3.  Canned Heat
4.  Yardbirds
5.  Rolling Stones

I wasn't playing this week.  I had been to the Caribana Parade downtown since 11:00am so I didn't feel like 
stopping off at the pub on my way home.  Thanks to GIRLIE on the Playback message board for the recap. 

Encore Question:...Jim McCarty, Keith Relf and Anthony Topham were original members of this British band:

Correct Answer:....4. Yardbirds

I would have got this because I own a Greatest Hits package of The Yardbirds.  The band had soon-to-be-more 
famous guitarists Eric Claption, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page but I would have recognized Keith Relf's name or if 
they'd given me Paul Samwell-Smith.  Without Keith Relf, it would have been more difficult but I would have thrown 
out The Rolling Stones and The Who because I know all the members.  Then Canned Heat as they were 
Americans.  Now Yardbirds or Herman's Hermits?  Well there's that Keith Relf name again.   I don't think I would 
have reached 30000 points as I've been too busy to keep up with music news.

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