NTN Encore Question of July 24, 2004

The choice of answers:
1.  D Generation
2.  Cornershop
3.  Pavement
4.  Tool
5.  The Weeds
I wasn't playing this week as I was up in cottage the Haliburton area.  Thanks to GIRLIE on the 
Encore message board for the question and answer.

Encore Question:  Jesse Malin is the former frontman of this group.

I'd have had no idea of the answer to this but probably would have guessed one of the groups I'd
heard of which means '2', '3', '4'.  So I'd have been wrong.  The scores are low this week with 
many of the people with the top scores splitting their answers so they'd be right.  I'm glad I 
wasn't there.


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