Encore Question of November 15th, 2003.
Played at the Bull & Firkin in Toronto Ontario.


  1. Fiddler On The Roof
  2. Man Of La Mancha
  3. South Pacific
  4. West Side Story
  5. Oliver!

Tonight I'm playing Playback at The Bull & Firkin. I walked to my regular bar (The Frog & Firkin) but found the place setting up for a karaoke party. From other times I've been there it means most of the screens are blocked by crowds of people massing at the bar. I said 'Hello' to Dougie and Nick who were playing but said they were leaving. Well I wasn't going to hang around here so I took the subway to midtown and arrived at this other pub. The night before I was at the Hare & Firkin and earned 1000+ points before the monitors near me were changed off the game and I concentrated on the soccer team party I was invited for.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...ROCKET...4500/5000...1st/4...I win round as I'm the only one here for the first four questions. 
OnBeat...ROCKET...11500/14000...1st/5...OBTUSE wins round...I finish with 7 right and 2 wrong which I'm pleased with.
I switched to a wrong answer but guessed one right that I didn't know.
JukeBox...ROCKET...16736/20000...1st/5...OBTUSE wins round...I don't see anything wrong with the other player's
Triviaoke...ROCKET...23695/28000...1st/5...I win round.  I take two really late answers but don't have any -250's.

Now the Encore answers come up. Broadway plays or movies. Not a good category for me but let's see how it goes. I've got more of a worry as my board has been beeping "OUT OF RANGE" every few seconds. Hang on for a few more minutes!

Encore Question:...Which musical's numbers include "Be Back Soon".




I don't know this, but what else is new? None of these musicals I know well enough to eliminate this song. "Man Of La Mancha" I've never heard any song before. I'm in for '3' as I think that would fit with the story of the movie. I ask the other group playing at the table beside mine as we'd suggested answers throughout the game. "What do you guy's think?" I asked. They were in for '3' too. I said "Yeah me too, it would be something a sailor would say to his girlfriend".

Correct Answer:....5. Oliver!

[NTN Extra Fact:...It's sung by Fagen's grubby band of pickpockets.]

I saw the movie 'Oliver!' once when I was a kid 35 years ago and I don't remember that one. I could go maybe four-deep in the songs, "Consider Yourself" was used in an airline commercial for much of the 1970s and "Food Glorius Food" was in a dessert topping ad. "Who Will Buy My Roses" and "Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two" are the other tunes I've remembered. Considering the main characters were orphans, this would have been the last answer I would have chosen.

I'm wrong but stay in 1st place. I finish 6202th in North America. I earn only 1500+ Players Plus points for not meeting this week's standard of 20000. The bar finishes 1445th in North America. [ntn.com moves this bar to 285th of 1859 bars].

Here's how the rest of the bar did: 
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	ntn.com rank
ROCKET	23695	x	11847	6202	1253
OBTUSE	20158	x	10072	6768	1728
MASON	20109	x	10055	6776	1739
NEELY	18796	x	 9398	6987	1977
CHAVEZ	14230	x	 7115	7719	3267
(ntn.com lists 8770 players)

Other games:...I'm a visitor here so I can't check my point totals.
8:00pm...Countdown...ROCKET...3506/15000...1st/1...probably 500+ points...I'm 7361st in NA...bar is 2533rd.
8:30pm...RetroTVCountdown...ROCKET...14041/15000...1st/1...1000+ points...I'm 456th in Canada as one question is different than last week but the same as the one five weeks ago...bar is 2024th...This game was EXACTLY the same as last week except for one question. This week's mistake was having questions 8 and 10 exactly the same!
9:00pm...Playback (see above).

That makes I've only got two of the last six weeks of Encore questions right. Sure is frustrating to work up 20000 points and then miss the Encore. I could go back to lugging my book here each week but think a break from playing will do me good. I should have taken it as an omen this week when I saw the set up at my regular bar and just gone home. The subway fare was offset by me having one less beer but I feel I'd have more fun if I did something else. Our bar has dropped from having a dozen boxes play each week to only me playing in the last two years. This Bull bar had the pool tables occupied but noone playing NTN until the group walked in. The point that there used to be four bars within walking distance that carried NTN and now only one show that this game isn't as popular as it used to be. The web site used to regularly list over 11000 players each week for the Playback game but now there're down to 8500. I don't see why the quizwriters make the Encore so difficult. They'll never fool the big multi player teams all the time but I'm thinking about myself, a music buff, that I deserve a good chance of getting it right.

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