Encore Question of June 7th, 2003.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Electric Light Orchestra
  2. Queen
  3. Kiss
  4. Pink Floyd
  5. The Village People

Tonight I'm playing with Nick IAMINU and some stranger (HITMEN that I sign on his board because he didn't look like he was going to play) who quits midgame leaving his board behind which we only grab after we're sure he's not coming back. The trouble with these guys is I had to go with my own ideas and not fall for their suggestions. I'm playing my usual two boards but we don't have enough to get a good bar score.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...ROCKET...3500/5000...1st/10...my two co-win with STREAK, GUPPY and STONER.
........LITBOX...3500/5000...1st/10...Lesson learned don't listen to them!
OnBeat...ROCKET...12500/14000...1st/8...my two win round.
........LITBOX...12500/14000...1st/8...hey nine for nine!  I switch an answer with a split 
second to go after calling out the wrong answer just seconds earlier.  Sorry guys.
JukeBox...ROCKET...17705/20000...2nd/8...GUPPY wins round...I didn't get every 
category I wanted but didn't have too much trouble on the questions.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...23071/28000...2nd/8...LITBOX wins round.
........LITBOX...23092/28000...I take at least one -250 and that is for the 'modern' lyrics to
Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles".  I own this and couldn't remember the rhyme.

Hey, I'm in a good position coming into the Encore and might make Top 20 although it seemed like an easy game. The answers come up and I'm thinking of the 1970s as having something in common with all these groups. "We should get this. Bet 50%", I tell Nick. Nick offers me the answer before the question is even displayed. Maybe it was a response to me getting a great score in the 8:30pm RetroTV game only because it was exactly the same as last week's game. I kept telling him I wasn't a genius.

Encore Question:...In October 1978, members of ________ simultaneously released eponymous solo albums.



Nick tells me the answer while I'm reading in the question. Yeah I know this too. NTN trying to fool us with the big words? Simultaneously is what I zero in on "at the same time".

Correct Answer:...3. Kiss

[NTN Extra Fact:...More gimmick than substance they appeared on the covers of their albums in full makeup.]

I remember the event when it happened. I was already out of high school by a year but I sure remember hearing about this group while I was there. Descriptions of the concerts that came through town. "...so Peter was drumming see...thumpa thumpa thumpa, and then the drum case started to rise"..."Wow" say the friends listening in the classroom before the teacher got in. "Then it was up like 20 feet high, thumpa thumpa thumpa". "Yeah" as we daydream we're all at Maple Leaf Gardens. "Then the platform started to move forward and it goes out to like the seventh row!!", Hopefully not by selective memory that it wasn't me who asked 'Then what?' because obviously the mechanics had to be built in to make the drumkit retreat at the end of the song. And let's add one more comment for the complaints of the American bars from last week...KISS concerts were talked about WHEN THEY WEREN'T TALKING ABOUT STYX CONCERTS!!!

On the way home I realized I knew what 'eponymous' meant. I read about them in Billboard magazine when an artist names their album after themselves. Peter Gabriel did it at least four times. So the four Kiss albums were called 'Paul Stanley', 'Gene Simmons', 'Ace Frehley' and 'Peter Kriss'.

I'm right and win with 34638 and 32607 points. I finish 8th on the Network Top 20 for all North America. My other board finishes 9th overall. The bar ranks only 456th with not enough good players. I hadn't even thought tonight to run throughout the bar giving the correct answer but there wasn't anyone within eyeshot anyway. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points on each board for meeting this week's 18000 point standard. I make 5th and 6th on the bar's Hall Of Fame for good scores in the last year. Last week neither individual nor bar scores reported to the ntn.com site so I better enjoy the glory now.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	ntn.com rank
LITBOX	23092		34638	   8	  32	
ROCKET	23071		34607	   9	  33
STREAK	15810	x	 7905	7552	3878
IAMINU	15283		19868	3849	1288
GUPPY	13136		19704	3900	1320
STONER	11615	x	 5807	8202	5175
SQUIER	10405	x	 9365	7100	3388
HITMEN	 7090		10635	6707	3085 of 10210 players
		ntn.com upgrades our bar to 60th of 2087 bars.		

Other games:...I start the evening with 2,597,500+ points for ROCKET and 433,000+ for LITBOX.
8:00pm...Nightsiders...3000/15000...5th/7...500+ points...I'm 5894th in North America...bar is 15th in North America in this rather limited game with a 5200 average...FRANNY, STONER, and someone else wins...I'm here in time for the last 7 questions.
8:30pm...RetroTV...14002/15000...1st/6...1000+ points...I'm 7th on the Network Top 20 in Canada...the bar is 8th in Canada with an 11207 average...this was exactly the same game as last week and I noticed a pattern in this game too with many answers as 3,3,?,3,3,5,5,5,4,4,4 etc...this one will probably be easier to perfect if they repeat it nine weeks in a row like January-February earlier in the year.
9:00pm...Playback (see above)
10:00pm...Countdown...ROCKET...10911/15000...1st/7...1000+ points...I'm 1008th in NA...bar is 707th.
.......LITBOX...10911/15000...1000+ points...I tie myself on the last question.
10:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...11718/15000...1st/7...1000+ points...I'm 288th in NA... bar is 43rd.
........LITBOX...11717/15000...1000+ points...I'm 289th in NA.

The last half hour Nick says hello to a friend and I soon realise it's Brian Budd. He was a soccer player in the NASL days and is more famous for Americans as the winner of the sports challenge TV show "Superstars" which was a decathlon type event to prove the best conditioned athlete bringing together sports stars from baseball, football, basketball etc. He won the event three years in a row and was not invited back as his constant winning made the other sports look bad that a soccer player and Canadian won their contest. Soccer players rule!!! I can see him every Friday in a guest spot on a sports show previewing the weekend European soccer games.

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