Encore Question of May 31st, 2003.
Played at the Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Larry Gowan
  2. Tommy Shaw
  3. James Young
  4. Dennis DeYoung
  5. Chuck Panozzo

Tonight I'm playing alone using my usual two boards knowing the bar can't possibly place in the Top 20 because there's only four boards being used and one player appears to have gone home during the Triviaoke round. This was supposed to be a week that Rob and Sean were here. I see that the Bull & Firkin are ranking their bar during a few previous games so I could have always invited myself to join them. Oh well it's all about me getting a good score for myself and I pass my 20000 point target before the Encore.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...ROCKET...5000/5000...1st/4...my two boards win round.
OnBeat...ROCKET...12000/14000...1st/4...my two boards win round, I went 2 for 2 in 
the guesses I needed to make.
........LITBOX...12000/14000...1st/4...seven right and two wrong is pretty good for solo in
fact I was disappointed because I should always pick the group with the newest album
when I don't guess Alkaline Trio (although then I hit the months old album by Snoop Dogg
later in the round).
JukeBox...ROCKET...17824/20000...2nd/4...LITBOX wins round.
.........LITBOX...17840/20000...1st/4...With a group so small, I got to pick the categories
I wanted.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...21638/28000...2nd/4...ROCKET wins round.
.........LITBOX...21650/28000...1st/4...the two -250s that I can remember for the 'new' 
songs even though I own both CDs although I switched away from the correct Pink lyric 
at the last split second.  Robbie Williams I don't know as well.  I felt that Pink goof 
would cost me the Top 20.

The answers come up and I glance over the names and see that all these guys have been in the band Styx. I'm thinking musical instruments and side projects and their home town of Chicago. OK bring it on.

Encore Question:...Which member of Styx got his start as a Canadian pop star?



I'm glad I'm not sitting on the bar stool or I would be knocked right off. "Scarborough!" I say (the suburb on the east of North York here in Toronto). I wasn't thinking of him during the last week but a man from England wrote me asking if I knew why the BareNaked Ladies sing "Birchmount Stadium, home of the Robbie" in their song "One Week". Yeah that's a charity soccer tournament held each year and in the same suburb where a few members of this band are from. For the English guy's soccer team Stoke United he knew Paul Peschisolido was from Canada and used to play for that team. Yeah Scarborough is where Paul was from I wrote. I was going to reply again not to forget Mike Myers (Wayne's World/Austin Powers). Ok 30 seconds. Make sure Bill OH YA has got it and where's that TIGGER player who seems to have left? At one of the tables well there's the board turned off but a woman's sitting at the table. Tell her the answer and back off...

Correct Answer:...1. Larry Gowan

[NTN Extra Fact:...Performing as 'Gowan', Larry had such hits as 'A Criminal Mind' and 'Strange Animal'].

I'd been humming 'Strange Animal' for the last 15 seconds. I'm right and win as LITBOX and ROCKET with 32475 and 32457. I finish 15th on the Network Top 20 for all North America. My other board is ranked 16th overall. The bar ranks 135th in North America but then we only have three players. About 40 to 50% of the ranked bars are from Canada including the winner and the 20th bar has just over 16000 points. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's standard of 21000. I make 9th and 10th in the Hall of Fame in this bar as quite a few of the high scores have disappeared in the last two years after their one year anniversary.

Oh if Richard BERGIE were here! He's the one who mentioned to me that Larry Gowan was joining Styx as their new vocalist a few years ago. The differences in Gowan's voice and the departed vocalist Dennis DeYoung are minimal. I've heard before that the band had it's highest popularity on a per capita basis in Southern Ontario. Sure I've read a few stories about the new line up in the last few years but it's Richard who's been to their concerts.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	ntn.com rank 
LITBOX	21650		32475	  15	  34	(I'm 15th on the Network Top 20)
ROCKET	21638		32457	  16	  35
TIGGER	10898	x	 5449	8200	4811
OH YA	 9671		14507	5209	 536  /total of 10823 players.
actually ntn.com didn't rank our players nor bar on their site but we'd 
be 33rd of 2163 bars.	

Other games:...I start the evening with ROCKET at 2,584,500 P+ points and LITBOX with 423,000+.
8:00pm...Nightsiders...8000/15000...1st/4 in tie with TIGGER...1000+ points...I'm 10th overall and the bar is ranked 9th in North America with a 5200 average on this rather limited game....(I'd always found this sex trivia game the most difficult to play).
8:30pm...RetroTV Countdown...ROCKET...11634/15000...1st/4...1000+ points...I'm 314th in Canada...bar is 894th in Canada.
.........LITBOX...5169/15000...4th/4...500+ points...I'm 5696th in Canada(?)...I get signed on in time for the last seven or eight questions but can't make the 9000 point standard.
9:00pm...Playback (see above).
10:00pm...Countdown...ROCKET...11551/15000...3rd/5...1000+ points...I'm 1619th in NA...OH YA wins.
.......LITBOX...11554/15000...2nd/5...1000+ points...I'm 1617th in NA.
10:30pm...Countdown...ROCKET...9734/15000...3rd/6...1000+ points...I'm 515th in NA...bar is 550th.
........LITBOX...9747/15000...2nd/6...1000+ points...I'm 503rd in NA...OH YA wins.

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