Encore Question of February 1st, 2003.
Played at The Bull & Firkin in Toronto Ontario.


  1. One
  2. Desire
  3. Pride
  4. When Love Comes To Town
  5. In The Name Of Love

Tonight I'm playing at The Bull & Firkin in midtown Toronto after taking the subway to get there. I'm playing with Kim MOLSON/VIKING and Chris KELLY/ALKIE who have arrived just five minutes before gametime. They get the staff to switch on a few more monitors because I was having trouble seeing over people's heads and bar taps for the previous games. I fit in nicely as their friend Greg ELVIS wasn't here this week and the other players like them who split off from the Frog & Firkin a few years ago have scattered to different locations or don't come out anymore.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...5000/5000...1st/8...I win round...maybe only one guess and I hit it right.
OnBeat...13000/14000...1st/8...I cowin round with MOLSON, VIKING, KELLY, ALKIE as each gets
8 right and 1 wrong...I help them and they give me one crucial answer for a pleasing round.
JukeBox...17484/20000...1st/8...MIKER wins round...two tough questions for me.
Triviaoke...22149/20000...1st/8...VIKING/MOLSON win round...I draw about two -250s and am
saved from another by Chris.

The answers come up. Well we know it's going to be about the band U2. If we can hit this we will average over 30000. They have brought some reference books but I'd take my own over their's if I still brought anything. I have time to bookmark U2 in the text they give me although it's too dark and the print is too small for me to read in here. Bring on the question.

Encore Question:...U2 in joined by blues legend BB King on:



I only get halfway through dictating the question before I blurt out the answer. I'm sure we all know this. I look around but can't see Mike MIKER. I go over to the bar but he's gone and signed off his board. I tell the two at the bar the correct answer but they probably knew it too.

Correct Answer:...4. When Love Comes To Town

[NTN Extra Fact:...The song is included on 1988's "Rattle And Hum".]

It takes me until the next day to realise that Pride (In The Name Of Love) actually covers two of the answers. Couldn't the quizwriters think of five U2 songs?

I'm right and win with 33223 points. Individual scores aren't given just our final points. Seeing the Network Top 10 which is all that was offered shows that I wasn't even close to finishing in the rankings. The bar finishes 17th in North America with a 31448 average. I earn 3000+ points for reaching this week's 19000 standard.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	NTN top 2185 players until my connection times-out.
ROCKET	22149		33223	 127
MOLSON	21027		31541	 233
VIKING	21027		31541	 234
KELLY	20312		30468	 326
ALKIE	20311		30467	 326
MIKER	17611	x	 8805
REX	14333		21495	2052
JACK	10619		15929		Our bar doesn't report out.

Other games:...I'm signed on as a visitor to this bar.
7:30pm...Countdown...4180/15000...3rd/3...500+ (probably)...I'm 6303 in NA...bar is 1420th...JACK wins.
8:00pm...Countdown...9015/15000...2nd/4...1000+ points...I'm 3031st in NA...bar rank is not given...REX wins.
8:30pm...RetroTV Countdown...13750/15000...1st/4...1000+ points...I'm 155th in NA...bar rank is not given...This is now the sixth time I've played this same game since New Year's Eve...I got the first question wrong when I pressed my answer while stepping back up a step to see the monitor at an angle that I could see over the folks at the bar proving that I can't walk backwards and play at the same time.
9:00pm...Playback (see above)
10:00pm...Countdown...10500/15000...3rd/5...1000+ points...I'm 65th of about 3000 players...bar ranking not given...VIKING wins.
10:30pm...Countdown...10851/15000...3rd/5...1000+ points...I'm 1117th...bar ranking not given...VIKING wins.

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