Encore Question of January 25th, 2003.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Pat Benatar
  2. Debbie Harry
  3. Linda Ronstadt
  4. Carly Simon
  5. Bonnie Raitt

Tonight I'm playing with Richard BERGIE and Nick IAMINU while Rob COSMO and Sean METLCA/GOBUCS are playing at a table. We needed every board we could get as Bill MADDOG and Marlo ZIGGY left in the middle of the game. Richard's board conked out and he transferred his points to the MADDOG board losing only about 1500 points. Maybe I should have had a second board.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...4500/5000...1st/8...I win round...I had maybe three guesses and was right two of 
three...Thanks Nick for knowing/guessing Branford as the older Marsalis brother.
OnBeat...12500/14000...1st/8...I co-win round with IAMINU.  I had 8 right, 1 wrong with a lot
of help.
JukeBox...17708/20000...1st/8...COSMO wins round?
Triviaoke...21364/28000...2nd/6...COSMO wins round...I take three or four -250s.

Well I limp over 20000 with one Triviaoke question to go but I don't feel it was a great game with a Triviaoke round like that. The answers come up and I feel like I can get this. It will be ten correct Encores in a row if I can hit it. Richard says its Debbie Harry "She worked as a Playboy bunny" kidding about my logic in getting that Tiffany answer a few weeks ago. Let's wait for the question...

Encore Question:...She married her guitarist/producer Neil Giraldo in 1982.



Before peeking at the answer:

On Sunday I took the subway downtown to see an investment forum that wasn't so hot and then I left and walked to the downtown music retailers on Yonge Street where I bounced between three stores cashing rainchecks and coupon books. Hey at HMV upstairs trying to fill in my BeeGees collection, I noticed a crowd waiting to meet Johnny Marr (guitarist for my all time favourite band The Smiths, The The, Electronic). I read an article in the local entertainment paper that he and his new band 'The Healers' would be in town for a concert. I didn't know about this music store appearance. Well I'll buy their new album and have it autographed! The Album is not out yet! OK, they have a rack of Smiths CDs, someone else is in line with one so I'll soon know if he's upset. Pay for the CD first then get it autographed, glad I asked so I wouldn't get bounced from the line. The line inches forward and I introduce myself. "Your album isn't out yet". "No not yet, do you want to me to autograph your CD or the booklet?" "The booklet" I say. Hey maybe I could finally get this question answered. "You [The Smiths] had an album [actually a single] out with a picture of *Yootha Joyce on the cover." "Yeah 'Ask' it was called" said Johnny. "Your drummer's last name was [Mike] 'Joyce' and his brother was the drummer of Simply Red [Chris Joyce], were they related to her?" "No they weren't related, Morrissey designed all the covers just from people he liked." "Thanks nice meeting you (as I shake his hand), I'll make sure I buy your album". "Nice meeting you Robin". Hey no animosity anymore, if ever, about his old band.

*Yootha Joyce was in the early 1970s British sitcom "Man About The House" playing the landlady Mildred Roper to the upstairs tenants two girls and a guy. A few years later American television ripped off the plot for the show "Three's Company". Morrissey liked this kind of stuff also using old 'Carry On' movies clips and even a star in the series of movies in his videos.

Search for Manchester born BeeGees CDs led me by accident to Manchester based rock god! Thanks Johnny. He autographed both the Smiths 'Hatful of Hollow' booklet and directly on the CD. My first Smith's purchase back in 1984 was this album on cassette.

You may now peek at the answer:

Surprise Richard chimes in first with Pat Benatar. I was thinking the same thing too and Nick says that's true when he gets back. Now Richard starts to doubt himself and thinks Linda Ronstadt. I say "I know it's not Debbie Harry". I have in the back of my mind that Bonnie Raitt was only married five years ago [time flies, it's over ten] but I don't say anything. Sean comes over and says it's Pat Benatar. Hey thanks, I feel better. From some of the times that I've gone over to spread the word to other tables, this payback was really appreciated. I was concentrating on getting Nick's board answered as he was outside adding coins to a parking meter and Richard was talking to some woman who was driving people from the bar.

Correct Answer:...1 Pat Benatar

[NTN extra fact:...Giraldo wrote many of her hits and pieced together her first backing band].

I'm right and am stunned that I win the game. It turns out that Rob knew the answer before the choices came back on the screen and sent Sean over but he didn't watch his own board still had the "ANSWER NOW" displayed. I've done that twice in my years of playing. I'd rather finish second tonight and have his score help the bar average. I win with 32048 and that's good to show me 18th on the Network Top 20 board for all North America. The bar finishes 13th in North America with a 29565 average. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's 20000 point standard.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	NTN Top 2600 (until my server timed out)
COSMO	21818	x	10909	6583
ROCKET	21364		32046	  18	 63	(18th on Top 20 NTN board)
GOBUCS	20761		31141	 247	 91
METLCA	20407		30611	 413	110
IAMINU	18671		28007	1228	216
BERGIE	17347		26021	1850	353

Thanks to Richard for an e-mail earlier in the week or I would have gone to another bar. Seeing Sean and Rob there was a surprise but now for sure they won't be here next week. We didn't play as a team and they couldn't see my hand signals in the OnBeat round. We'd get one right for 1000 and they didn't then the next question things would be reversed.

Other games:...I start the evening with 2,440,500+ points for ROCKET.
7:30pm...Countdown...1245/15000...8th/8...500+ points...I'm 8988th in NA...bar is 18th in North America with a 10112 average...I'm not sure who won...I'm here in time for the last two questions.
8:00pm...Countdown...10731/15000...6th/8...1000+ points...I'm 1996th in NA...bar is 8th in North America with a 12551 average...METLCA wins.
8:30pm...RetroTV Countdown...15000/15000...1st/8...1000+ points...I'm 1st in North America with a Perfect Game!...COSMO and BERGIE also have perfect games...the bar finishes 1st in North America with a 14933 average...This is the fifth time I've played this identical game. New Year's Eve and now four Saturday's in a row.
9:00pm...Playback (see above)
10:00pm...Countdown...11770/15000...4th/9...1000+ points...I'm 1264th in NA...bar is 230th...IAMINU wins.
10:30pm...Countdown...10490/15000...3rd/9...1000+ points...I'm 1286th in NA...bar is 304th...COSMO wins.

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