Encore Question of December 7th, 2002.
Played at The Bull N Firkin in Toronto Ontario.


  1. Sticky Fingers
  2. Double Fantasy
  3. Revolver
  4. Help
  5. Disraeli Gears

Tonight I've taken the subway down to midtown Toronto to play at the Bull N Firkin as I heard midweek that my new teammates wouldn't be going to the Frog & Firkin on Saturday. In the last few weeks some of the Frog players have gone to this bar to check it out so this week was going to be my turn. I was playing with Kim MOLSON/VIKING, Chris KELLY/ALKIE and Greg ELVIS and they were shorthanded this week so I fit in well. They used to be Frog regulars over two years ago.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp...4500/5000...1st/8...ROCKET co-wins round with MOLSON, VIKING, KELLY, ALKIE, SHAMOO,
OnBeat...12500/14000...1st/8...ROCKET co-wins with VIKING, KELLY, and ALKIE and we hold lead.
I finish with 8 right and 1 wrong which I'm quite pleased with.  Teamwork was the order of 
the day.
JukeBox...17447/20000...1st/7...ROCKET wins round.
Triviaoke...23614/28000...1st/7...ROCKET wins round...Big help by the team to help me avoid
some -250s and end up with +38 as an example.

The answers come up and we try to sort out some possible questions in the betting round. We know all the artists. Post humous? Double albums? None of them make a move to grab one of their music books. Their printout of the Billboard charts was used in the OnBeat round plus I'd read through my-one-week old Billboard magazine on the subway on the way down here. I'd brought my copy of Inside Soccer with an article written by me to show off. Let's just wait for it...

Encore Question:...The cover of this 1967 album combines peacocks, flowers, and clocks in red and acidic yellows:



Well concentrating on the year should throw all but the last one out. Album covers? Beatles "Sgt Pepper" was their psyche out and Rolling Stones had "Satanic Majesties" that the characters on the cover moved when the cover was tilted. "Sticky Fingers" had a working zipper in the original pressing. I said, "Revolver was in 1965 (actually 1966), Help was in 1965". We've all agreed to '5' by process of elimination. Ooh an omen. I'd just picked up "Time Pieces/The Best Of Eric Clapton" CD earlier this week in the $5.00 used bin at my local music store.

Correct Answer:...5. Disraeli Gears

NTN Extra Fact:...The album by Cream was one of countless 60's records with a psychedelic cover.]

I win and finish with 35421 points. I'm 8th on the Network Top 20. The bar (Bull N Firkin) is 7th on the Network Top 20 with a 33843 average. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for reaching this week's standard of 16000.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	NTN Top 100
ROCKET	23614		35421	   8	18
VIKING	23327		34991	  10	27
MOLSON	22308		33463	  18	46
ALKIE	21970		32955	  53	55
KELLY	21591		32387	 225	72
ELVIS	20270		30405	 823
SHAMOO	15062		22593	3181

Other games:...I sign on as a visitor so hopefully tonight's points will carry back to the Frog.
7:30pm...Countdown...4990/15000...4th/5...???+ points...I'm 6196th in NA...bar is 1042nd...I'm here in time for the last five questions...ELVIS wins.
8:00pm...Countdown...11840/15000...1st/8...1000+ points...I'm 955th in NA...bar is 479th.
8:30pm...Countdown...13663/15000...1st/8...2000+ points...I'm 20th in North America...bar is 17th.
9:00pm...Playback...(see above).
10:00pm...Countdown...11074/15000...1st/10...1000+ points...I'm 2043th in NA...bar is 528th...(just like the Frog, we play a regular Countdown game, not the RetroTV).
10:30pm...Countdown...11901/15000...1st/12...1000+ points...I'm 387th in NA...bar is 104th.

Hurricane's bar in Toronto was putting up great scores but it was revealed by individual rankings that Bull regular Joe ENIGMA and friend Dave DAVETV were playing.

I left at 11:00pm and took the subway home arriving at the same time as when I walk home from the Frog. I had fun tonight but when I said goodnight told them I'd probably continue at the Frog unless my friends say they won't be going.

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