Encore Question of February 9th, 2002.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Alfred Newman
  2. Maurice Jarre
  3. John Williams
  4. Elmer Bernstein
  5. Burt Bacharach

Tonight I'm only on one boards and playing with Doug CRANKY at a small table in the second row with no room for a second board. Players at the bar were a row of Richard BERGIE, Bill MADDOG, and Marlo ZIGGY and, on the other side of two non-players who just took up space not even watching the big screen television, was Dave COITIS. I was trying to relay answers hoping that Dave was in earshot. I was standing in front of my table to coach but the distance would have cost us points and a second board for myself would have been tough to control from so far away and on the mini table Doug and I shared.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....4500/5000...1st/9 in six way tie with CRANKY, BERGIE, MADDOG, ZIGGY and TUNES.
OnBeat...12250/14000...1st/8...I win round and have quite a lead because only 'sure' answers
I relay to the others...after getting the first one wrong, I finish with eight right in a
row...I wasn't punished for not spending time on the Internet reading music news this
afternoon. I was at the Winterfest carnival and among other fun went to the autograph session
of Martha Johnson who is now a children's performer but in the 1980's was the singer for
'Martha And The Muffins' and 'M+M'.  I told her I've never been able to find their music in CDs
but she had brought some copies of a greatest hits compilation and autographed one for me.
JukeBox...18227/20000...1st/7...I win round and we got to control this category.  We opted for 
the 'Oh Canada' questions both times.
Triviaoke...23564/28000...1st/10...TUNES wins round but I have a big lead.  After the first two
songs for -250 each, I was pleased with the rest of my round.

The bar scores didn't look too good with only my score of note but maybe if we all get the Encore, we'll get a Top 100 average. So the answers come up and although my book has fallen open at Elton John, there's nothing I bother to bookmark. I'll just wait... Bill says "Alfred E Neuman?" (Mad Magazine mascot).

Encore Question:...Which composer wrote the score for "Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid"?



I'm playing "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head" in my head and BERGIE says the answer I was thinking. I find the movie in the soundtracks section of my book and it was just who I thought. We make sure we're all locked in.

Correct Answer:...5. Burt Bacharach

[NTN Extra Fact:...He also wrtoe the scores for 'Alfie', 'Arthur' and 'Casino Royale'].

The only other guy I knew the music for was John Williams with his Star Wars compositions. I'd watched an A&E Biography on Burt Bacharach within the last few months and a clip from the movie was played. Richard made me more confident before the book backed me up.

I'm right and win with 35346 points. That lands me 13th on The Network Top 20 in North America. The bar finishes 14th in North America with a 30581 average. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's point standard which I missed catching.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player 	preEncore	Final	Rank
ROCKET	23564		35346	  13	13th on Network Top 20.
CRANKY	20267		30401	 825
BERGIE	20148		30222	 879
COITIS	19953		29929	 968
MADDOG	18006		27009	1849
ZIGGY	14768		22708	3147
TUNES	14305		21457	3524
RIO	 3250	x	 1625	9509
FACIAL	 3132	x	 1566	9527
HULK	  651	x	  325	9901

Other games:...I start the evening with 1645300 Players Plus points for ROCKET.
7:30pm...Countdown...4943/15000...7th/7...I earn 500+ points...I'm 6397th in NA...I miss the bar ranking and who won the game...I'm here in time for the last five questions.
8:00pm...Countdown...12154/15000...1st/9...1000+ points...I'm 755th in NA...bar is 115th.
8:30pm...Countdown...11166/15000...2nd/10...2000+ points...I'm 272nd in NA...bar is 95th...COITIS wins.
9:00pm...Wipeout...7682/15000...3rd/10...1000+ points...I'm 3586th in NA...bar is 416th...MADDOG wins.
9:30pm...Countdown!...11017/15000...2nd/11...1000+ points...I'm 1503rd in NA...bar is 257th...TUCHES wins...instead of a Wipeout game, NTN spent the first eight minutes taking a survey about travel plans for Las Vegas then gave us a Countdown game.

I leave and play the CD I bought today. "Echo Beach" and "Black Stations/White Stations" just like I remembered. Hometown band from Toronto!

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