Encore Question of December 1st, 2001.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Garth Brooks
  2. Clint Black
  3. Travis Tritt
  4. Billy Ray Cyrus
  5. George Strait

Tonight I'm playing with Doug CRANKY, Dave COITIS and Bill MADDOG having all got into position just before this game started when a birthday party singer packed up and took his gear away just in time. I had a small lead with 19000 points.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....5000/5000...1st/14 in four way tie with MADDOG, RIFFER and ROMEGA.
OnBeat...10500/14000...1st/11...COITIS and me co-win round.  Six right, two wrong, one not 
answered with Dave giving me one key answer.
JukeBox...14540/20000...1st/13...COSMO wins round and closes in with 13246 points.
Triviaoke...19000/28000...1st/13...MADDOG wins round...METLCA and I change leads back
and forth a few times as I get jittery and change two good answers into -250s and don't change
on one that results in another -250.  However I do have the lead but 1000 points short of my

So this question would be about Country artists? Well it's not my strong point but I risk as much as I can. I bookmark Tritt and Cyrus.

Encore Question:...Which Country artist once made a video of The Eagles hit "Take It Easy"?



I don't know this. Dave says he'll go with George Strait and I put in that too. The only ones I don't think it is are Garth Brooks because I expect I would have heard of that and Billy Ray Cyrus because of his short career. I can't find an album cut listing for that song by Travis Tritt so feel better about '5' now but can't find that cut for George Strait neither.

Correct Answer:...3. Travis Tritt

[NTN Extra Fact: All the ex-Eagles were reunited for the song's remake].

I'm wrong and fall to 5th place with 9500 points. I finish 7208th in North America and earn only 1500+ Players Plus points for not making this week's standard which I didn't notice. The bar is 756th with only four players hitting the right answer. Looking at our rankings and it appears North America thought this was a very easy question.

METLCA wins. He gets the 9th and 10th Hall of Fame positions and just like he called it last week, I found I had the top few places now that it's been a year since The Regulars changed to a different bar.

Sean METLCA and Rob COSMO just 'knew it' having seen the video. Was it new? No it was on The Eagles tribute album. I find the listing in my book as 1993 in the small Tribute Section. NTN has asked something about this before I thought. Clint Black is listed as singing 'Desperado' so knowing who sang on it wouldn't be enough, I'd have had to know who sang which cut.

I had spent the afternoon downtown getting some answers about broken VCR remote controls but had time to stop at three of the closing 'Sam The Record Man' franchises. The big downtown store had been pretty well picked through but I finished loading up on Beatles CDs to replace my vinyl collection (not so much in memory of George Harrison but because everything was 30% off). In the line for the cashier I picked up another three or four impulse buys and chose The Eagles--Desperado from 1973 (for only my 2nd Eagles album). Actually that wouldn't have helped tonight neither but it was just another ironic music story.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
ROCKET	19000	x	 9500	7208
METLCA	18887		28331	1676
COITIS	18380	x	 9190	7300
MADDOG	18011		27017	2062
COSMO	17257		25885	2395
SQUIRE	13001	x	 6501	8090
ROMEGA	12977	x	 6489	8093
RIFFER	12822	x	 6411 	8116
STONER	10688		12826	6231
OH YA	 8514	x	 4257	8749
WHET	 6439	x	 3219	9054
JAWKA(?) 5478	x	 2734	9196
IMBAK(?) 1580	x	  790	9767	

Until the start of the Playback game I had been sitting at a table with Doug CRANKY as there was a birthday party and singer blocking access to our part of the bar. Two guys walked over and asked if I was 'ROCKET the king of obscure web sites?'. They introduced themselves as Barry 'ROMEGA' from Ottawa and Rob 'RIFFER' from Toronto. Barry thought I had the best NTN website on the Internet because of the details I give each week. We played as a foursome for the rest of the night but after the OnBeat round of Playback they just drifted away so they wouldn't 'get in my way'. I was asked on three different occasions by patrons if we were brothers. After the Playback game I go back over to talk to the guys finally accepting their offer to buy me a beer. As Bill said, "Robin, how many times do you get to have a beer with two guys who have the same thickness of eyeglasses as you?" There were other coincidences like our day jobs and family situations.

Other games:...I start the evening with 1550800+ Players Plus points.
7:30pm...Countdown...2251/15000...8th/11...I earn 500+ points...I finish 8342nd in NA...bar is 531st...TOMMYG wins...I'm here in time for the last four questions.
8:00pm...Countdown...12508/15000...1st/10...I earn 1000+ points...I finish 1118th in NA...bar is 367th.
8:30pm...Countdown...9491/15000...4th/12...I earn 2000+ points...I finish 2194th in NA...bar is 202nd...COSMO wins and is 19th overall.
The last two games I lost points with 'out of range' messages and then Bill OH YA showing me how to transfer points between boards. I'll have to practise that before I forget.
9:00pm...Wipeout...6710/15000...4th/10...I earn 500+ points when I can't make the 7000 point standard...I didn't catch my own ranking...(will NTN make the 9:00pm games harder every week?)...bar is 17th in North America with an 8494 average...COSMO wins and is ranked 14th.
9:30pm...Wipeout...12367/15000...1st/12...I earn 1000+ points...I finish 443rd in NA...bar is 461st.

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