Encore Question of November 3rd, 2001.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. William Faulkner
  2. Chauser
  3. Fyodor Dostoevsky
  4. James Joyce
  5. Percy Shelly

Tonight we've got the smallest group I've ever seen at this bar to play Playback. We were forced to move for a golf party setting up a karaoke machine beside the bar as the party rooms upstairs were overbooked. The management sent the barmaid and an assistant manager over to run us out at about 8:30pm with the promise of free beer as compensation then reneged. The noise of the music drove the other players out of the bar well before Playback. It would have been interesting to challenge METLCA and COSMO and girlfriend COSMET to help the barscore but that didn't happen. Most of the karaoke partiers were on the opposite side of the room, maybe to stay out of the noise but we had to stay under fire to watch one of the few monitors broadcasting NTN. Richard BERGIE, Dave COITIS, and Bill MADDOG were playing with me who had just requested a second board so we could try to get a bar placement with the minimum five boards. Bill seemed to be more interested in watching John the guitarist/MC play along with the machine and add vocals to the off-key participants. Bill's girlfriend was the best vocalist.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....ROCKET and LITBOX...4500/5000...1st/5...I'm in a three way tie for 1st with BERGIE.
OnBeat...ROCKET and LITBOX...8750/14000...1st/5...I win this round...I get 5 right, 3 wrong, 
1 no answer as I'd spent the afternoon downtown at the closing of Sam The Record Man instead
of reading music news on the Internet.
JukeBox...ROCKET...14734/20000...1st/5...I win round.
Triviaoke...ROCKET...20868/28000...1st/5...I win round.

So the Encore answers come up. Well this looks familiar! [Yeah except for the 3rd choice it's the same question we played September 2nd, 2000.] I can't bookmark any pages with this list of authors. I'll just have to wait for the question. With them repeating an Encore question less than a month ago, I won't rule the quizmaster out to try it again.

Question:...The title of Sting's LP "Ten Summoner's Tales" refer to this writer's work:

I've told the rest of the team the answer before the question came up. Well maybe this is the only way I can keep this question to post because it's so deafening in here that I don't know if my microrecorder can pick up my own voice (actually it could). Also with only 5 players, I can write the scores and ranking down with pen and paper just like the old days. This was the only question that was repeated in the whole game and I'm sure will ruin the night for most of the hardcore players on the Playback message forum.

Correct Answer:...2 Chauser

[NTN Extra Fact:...Sting makes allusions to Chauser's "Canterbury Tales" and his own last name "Sumner".]

I'm right and finish with 31302 points. I win and earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting the 16000 point standard this week. I finish 13th on the Network Top 20 board and 13th overall. The bar finished 17th on the Network Top 20. I'm glad I requested a 2nd board. I don't understand with a game where I finished about 2000 points lower than last time (thanks to OnBeat) and with this being a repeat game, why we could rank so high. Our 5th player wandered off a few times to talk to friends.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
ROCKET	20868		31302	  13	13th on the Network Top 20
LITBOX	20819		31229	  14
BERGIE	16400		24600	1781
COITIS	15857		23785	2053
MADDOG	12375		18563	3798

Richard swore off this bar after lieing about the free beer and may end up a few doors down the street at Stoney's. I don't have that decision until the week after as next week I'll be at a soccer banquet.

Other games:...I start the evening with 1525800 Players Plus points. (LITBOX starts with 70000).
7:30pm...Countdown...126/15000...9th/9...500+ Players Plus points...I'm 9904th in NA...bar is 20th in North America...MAGALI wins...I got here in time for the 15th question and didn't even read it as I was still signing on but earned the points for 15 seconds work making up for some of those tough Wipeout games. 8:00pm...Countdown...9100/15000...3rd/10...1000+ points...I'm 2608th in NA...bar rank was not given...COITIS wins.
8:30pm...Countdown...11259/15000...1st/13...2000+ points...I'm 601st in NA...bar is 251st.
9:00pm...Wipeout...11819/15000...1st/14...1000+ points...I'm 1209th in NA...bar is 306th in NA.
9:30pm...Wipeout...11154/15000...1st/8...1000+ points...I'm 1878th in NA...bar is 594th in NA

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