Encore Question of May 5th, 2001.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Atlantic
  2. Stax
  3. Motown
  4. Decca
  5. Columbia

Tonight our team formed just minutes before the game as we were scattered by Maple Leaf hockey fans plunked around our usual spot watching the playoff hockey. We ended up at a table looking up at a grainy screen until the hockey suddenly ended with a last minute goal sparing overtime and our spot emptied out in time for Triviaoke. For this game we had Richard BERGIE/BERGI2, Bill MADDOG, and Paul ZUKEE. Doug CRANKY stayed at the bar. I picked up another board when a patron in a group of three at a table said they were leaving right after the TuneUp round. He had a perfect score with DBLEBB.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....ROCKET...5000/5000...1st/11 in three way tie with BERGIE and DBLEBB.
OnBeat...ROCKET...10750/14000...3rd/11 as BERGIE and CRANKY win round.
..........DBLEBB...9500/14000...4th/11 now that I'm playing it must have got a 
crink in my neck looking up as I pressed the wrong button...6 right, 1 wrong and 2
I didn't answer (1 gift from Richard), found these answers in the mainstream press
as my net surfing time is curtailed.
............DBLEBB...15500/20000...2nd/15...DBLEBB wins round (should always use 
right hand for ROCKET).
.............DBLEBB...21646/28000...2nd/15...DBLEBB wins round. (same excuse).

So this question would be about Record Labels. Well I can't bookmark anything but if it's any artist I can flip right to their album listing and find the Label.

Encore Question:...What famous record label was cofounded in the late 1940s by Ahmat Ertegum?



Well I don't know this and there's not a chance I'll find it in my book. I blurt out "Well it's not Berry Gordy and Motown." Richard says well it could be 2, 4 or 5 to Bill. I ask, "Why can't it be Atlantic?" I've got that pressed in on both my boxes. I'm thinking back to the Encore question about the record company that started in 1942 and saw a CD in a book store from them but couldn't remember if it was Columbia or Capitol (it was Capitol) so I ruled that one out for the wrong reason. Something made me feel like it was Atlantic but I just asked that question not to rule out the answer.

Correct Answer:...1. Atlantic

[NTN Extra Fact:...Among his many achievements, Ertegum was credited with finding Ray Charles.]

I'm right and won the game with 34295. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's standard which I didn't catch at the beginning of the game. I finished 8th on the Network Top 20 for North America. The bar finished 10th in North America with a 31201 average. No individual rankings were given although I found the listing of the Top 100 ranked players at ntn.com. Looks like I convinced some of my friends to go with Atlantic.

Well after the game, I remembered a television special I'd seen with performances by Foreigner and Led Zeppelin for the 40th Anniversary of Atlantic (1988, although I thought it was the 50th and I'd just seen it three years ago but that's videotape for ya!). Great ! Right for the wrong reasons again although maybe the older performers stuck in my mind.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank	
ROCKET	22863		34295	  22	(I finish 8th on the Network Top 20)
DBLEBB	21646		32469	  50
BERGI2	20399		30599	  91	
BERGIE	19919		29879
MADDOG	19178		28767
ZUKIE	17630	x	 8815
MARKIE	15280	x	10696
CRANKY	14674	x	 7337
QUIKY	14233	x	 7111
MR BIG	12322		18483
PWB	11121	x	 5561
MOOT	 7859		11789
SNER	 7524	x	 6019
BB ENT	 2649	x	 1325

Other games:...(I start the evening with 1403300 Players Plus points).
I play these games alone so I won't be squinting over two rows of hockey fans at the bar. Also I was interested to see how I'd do on my own.
8:00pm...Countdown...11724/15000...1st/11...1000+ points...I finish 12th in North America...bar is 7th of only 14 playing this game which looks like questions from other games I'd seen a month ago.
8:30pm...Countdown...11216/15000...1st/12...2000+ points...I'm 1991st in NA...bar is 543rd.
9:00pm...Wipeout...9693/15000...5th/12...1000+ points...I'm 2577th in NA...bar is 19th in North America with a 10085 average...PWB wins.
9:30pm...Wipeout...9283/15000...4th/12...1000+ points...I'm 3195th in NA...bar is 518th...MOEBAD wins.

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