Encore Question of March 10th, 2001.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York Ontario.


  1. Vince Gill
  2. Alan Jackson
  3. Trisha Yearwood
  4. Patty Loveless
  5. Dwight Yoakum

Tonight I was in 3rd place in our group once again not able to reach 20000 points before the Encore round. The bar has done some renovations and it lets all of us sit at the bar and see the two television monitors. It does spread our group quite far apart so whoever's on the end has trouble hearing. We've got Dave COITUS, Richard BERGIE, Bill MADDOG, Bill OH YA, and Paul ZUKEE playing this game.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....3000/5000....9th/13 in three way tie...JO JES wins with 4500 points...not only 
can't I guess any 50/50 chances (I knew the six I got), I talked our group into answering
Stevie Wonder was not born blind at birth because I heard a story on that a few months
ago about how he went blind.
OnBeat...9750/14000...4th/13...COITUS wins round...JO JES in lead...I get seven right,
one wrong, and miscalculate by losing count that there's a ninth question.
JukeBox...13827/20000...4th/13...ZUKEE wins round...COITUS in lead.
Triviaoke...19709/28000..3rd/14...OH YA wins round and holds lead.

So this question is something about Country stars which brings a groan from our group. I bookmark Alan Jackson and Trisha Yearwood. Richard is predicting a Dwight Yoakum movie role.

Encore Question:...Which Country superstar was formally the lead singer of Pure Prairie League?



I'd seen an A&E Biography on Alan Jackson within the last few months so knew it wasn't him. BERGIE says the group was all guys so that brought down the choices. Vince Gill ? Yep found it with more than 10 seconds to spare. I've read this fact before but had forgotten and couldn't untangle them from the Canadian Country group 'Prairie Oyster'.

Correct Answer:...1 Vince Gill

[NTN Extra Fact:...The Oklahoman was known for his high and pure tenor voice].

I also could have found the answer looking up the band name and realized I'd heard their biggest song 'Let Me Love You Tonight' twenty years ago.

I'm right and stay in 3rd with 29563 points. I earn 3000+ Players Plus points for meeting this week's 19000 point standard. I finish 1074th in North America. The bar finishes 174th (later bumped up to 29th). Bill OH YA wins.

Our rivals 'The Regulars' who left months ago for the Bull&Firkin were best in North America and JARVIS the best individual score. "Jarvis sucks" says Richard while what I said would take this page off the family recommended sites if it's on such a list.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
OH YA	21237		31855	 382
COITUS	19994		29991	 945
ROCKET	19709		29563	1074
METLCA	18941		28411	1422
JO JES	18806	x	15045	5457
COSMO	18366		27549	1682
BERGIE	18273		27409	1724
MADDOG	18188		27282	1763
ZUKEE	18073		27109	1815
CAPER	17088		25632	2261
A	10266	x	 9239	7210	In the second tier someone ranked 8192nd
GIL	 6937	x	 6243	7860	as a fifth board somehow showed up among	
TOPU	 6653	x	 5988	8115	these four.
PASHA	  700	x	  350	9894

Other games:...(I start the evening with 1390300 Players Plus points).
7:30pm...Countdown...950/15000...12th/12...500+ points...I'm 8830th in North America. I didn't notice who won or our bar rank...I log on in time for the last question.
8:00pm...there is no game as we just get to see half hour of promos while our Playmakers keep trying for us to log on to QB1 football game.
8:30pm...Countdown...8346/15000...8th/13...2000+ points...no rankings are given as we start 10 minutes late...I'm just glad they got all 15 questions in because it took the last question to earn me the point standard. Didn't notice who won.
The Regulars were right about the ranking the management gives the NTN games as it took quite awhile to find a 'tall' staff member to reboot the game.
9:00pm...Wipeout...10056/15000...3rd/13...1000+ points...I'm 108th in NA although there appear to be just over 329 players...bar is 18th in North America with a 10243 average...BERGIE wins.
9:30pm...Wipeout...9856/15000...7th/14...1000+ points...no standings are given...COITUS wins.

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