Encore Question of January 27th, 2001.
I didn't play at The Frog & Firkin in North York tonight.


  1. Neil Diamond
  2. Bob Dylan
  3. Willie Nelson
  4. Al Stewart
  5. Cat Stevens

I wasn't at the bar tonight. I was spending my last night at a resort in St Maarten in the West Indies. I won a trip for two there at a travel show last May. At the time I won it my mother's health was at it's worst but as the month's went by and she recovered, I looked forward to this all expense paid week away. The fine print ruled out going at Christmas...or Easter...or March Break....so that gradually picked off my friends and I ended up going alone. Fine, I've gone on trips with friends and on my own and can always find fun.

Encore Question:...His "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" score sold two million copies.

I would have gotten this one too. When I was learning to type back in school we practised using the story of "The Snow Goose" (?) (something about evacuating soldiers from Dunkirk) and as background music I thought the teacher brought in the LP for this movie soundtrack. I never saw the movie but I saw a scene from it as if it was filmed from a bird's eye view.

Correct Answer:...1. Neil Diamond

Our bar wasn't in the Top 100 this week. The OnBeat rounds have looked tough in the last two weeks (I find this out from a Playback message board I belong to, so I wouldn't have had a really good score anyway). My internet service provider went out of business at the end of January so I haven't had time to read internet music news as I've been trying to salvage my web pages over to another provider so I may have a rough time for the next few weeks before I can catch up to the news.

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