Encore Question of May 20, 2000.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Frank Sinatra
  2. Ella Fitzgerald
  3. Lena Horne
  4. Tony Bennett
  5. Mel Torme

Tonight I'm well back in 12th place after having my board go off before the OnBeat round. I got it working midway through the first question of JukeBox. The whole bar had not been able to answer the first TuneUp question as our boards wouldn't record so I didn't have the only problems. I'm playing with Richard BERGIE, Bill MADDOG, Kimmo KAV, and Dave (JASAS as he couldn't change the name) who got here partway through the OnBeat round.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp....4500/5000...1st/13...KAV, ROCKET, BERGIE and MADDOG win. OnBeat...4500/14000...off board. JukeBox...9049/20000...13th/17...KAV wins round. Triviaoke...13991/28000...12th/17.

I'm thinking I can't possibly make the 20000 point standard this week (actually I could have) so I might have bet low but bookmarking the answers has made me forget to even press in a bet (which means you automatically risk 50%). So with 50% on the line:

Question:...Who was the headline act for the opening of the Tokyo Blue Note jazz club in 1990?

I don't know this. All the artists were still alive in 1990. There is no clue as a nickname in the question like "This velvet voiced etc..". My book, which I'd bookmarked to '1' and '4', didn't offer any music hints like an album called "Live At The Blue Room...1990" when I looked at Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra. I left my answer at '5' that I'd pressed in too late to risk points. I reminded my friends of the '1-4' split. (Last week was '3' so it was likely it would be this). Geez, is it musical knowledge that's required or just to know the musical quirks of the quizwriters to be good at this game?

Correct Answer:...4. Tony Bennett

[NTN Extra Fact...The hotspot is modelled after the original Blue Note night club in New York City].

I'm wrong and drop to 16th with only 6995 points. I earn only 1500+ Players Plus points. The bar is 13th in North America with a 25082 average. KAV wins and I feel a little better as we had been playing as a team this night.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
VIKING	21798	x	10899	5172
MADDOG	20534	x	10267	5452
JARVIS	20514	x	10257	5456
OLE JR	20512	x	10256	5457
MOLSON	20292	x	10146	5506
KAV	19914		29871	  51
KELLY	19800	x	 9900	5650
BERGIE	18823	x	 9411	5831
ALKIE	18235		27375	  79
LESTAT	17888		26832	  84
NIKO	16282	x	14654	3509
ROCKET	13991	x	 6995	6901
BELSYZ	13829		20749	 812
R	13741		20611	 878
JASAS	12698		19047	1563
FRANKIE	 6260		 9390	5840
SHMOOL	 -13		   0	9999

I didn't get here until the 9:00pm Wipeout game as I was visiting my mother in the hospital earlier in the evening. She was terribly disappointed to find out she couldn't come home on the Victoria Day weekend and had a relapse at about supper time. It was in my thoughts all night and that's why I didn't really care about any board problems or obscure questions tonight.

Other games:...started the evening with 1089300 P+ points.
9:00pm...Wipeout...4962/15000...9th/15...500+ points...I'm 3893rd in NA...bar is 7th in North America with an 8621 average...KELLY wins...I'm here from the 2nd question.
9:30pm...Wipeout...8177/15000...10th/16...1000+ points...my rank not given...bar is 9th in North America with a 9789 average...BERGIE wins.

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