Encore Question of May 6, 2000.
Played at The Frog & Firkin in North York.


  1. Primal Scream
  2. Soundgarden
  3. Dead Presidents
  4. Gin Blossoms
  5. Pavement

Tonight I'm in 6th and 7th place controlling two boards after THEMAN left at the end of the 9:30pm game. I'm playing with Mike (GODOMI ? not sure as there was a lot of name changing), and Bill ZEDMAN with Richard BERGIE, Dave COITUS, Bill MADDOG, and PJ really out of earshot. I held the lead through the game until the Triviaoke round when the Regulars team passed me.

My game so far had gone like this:
TuneUp	ROCKET	 5000/5000	1st/17	12 way tie for 1st
	LITBOX	 5000/5000	1st/17	
OnBeat	ROCKET	11500/14000	2nd/17	COITUS wins round and leads with 11750
	LITBOX	11500/14000	2nd/17	7 right and 2 wrong, Mike and I are talking 
about Metallica and Napster MP3 and they both come up the first two questions.
JukeBox	ROCKET	16250/20000	1st/17	I win round and retake lead
	LITBOX	16250/20000	1st/17	
Trivia	ROCKET	20600/28000	7th/17	KELLY wins round and takes lead
  oke	LITBOX	20618/28000	6th/17

I don't know a lot about these groups but I have two boards to split and my music book with me. Everyone with 50% on the line:

Question:...What group made their album debut in 1987 with 'Sonic Flower Groove'?

I don't know the answer right off but press in '1' with LITBOX and '4' with ROCKET. I've already bookmarked Soundgarden. 'It's not Soundgarden' I say after reading their list. Someone's voice asks about Gin Blossoms. Ok takes me until about 10 seconds to go to say not Gin Blossoms and change my '4' to '5'.

Correct Answer:....1. Primal Scream

[NTN Extra Fact...The band hit it big in 1991 with the album "Screamadelic"].

I'm right and wrong with my boards and don't pass any of the Regulars. I earn 1500 Players Plus points with ROCKET for missing this week's 21000 point standard. I earn 3000+ points for LITBOX. The bar is 2nd in North America with a 31792 point average. My score wasn't used as only the top five scores go into the bar's average calculation.

The 20th best bar has an average of only 15685. Was this a tough question? Yes I say. The group wasn't in my book because they'd never made the Billboard Top 200 Album charts with any album. It only takes 6000 copies sold in any one week to make the Billboard charts so this must be some pretty obscure band. I always leave at 11:00pm and most of tonight's players up at the bar disappeared as well to play pool after the hockey game ended. These kind of questions will just make it harder to get them to stay and play the next time.

Here's how the rest of the bar did:    
Player	preEncore	Final	Rank
KELLY	22327		33491	  16	8th on Network Top board
JARVIS	21210		31815	  25
MOLSON	20875		31313	  28
LFSWIN	20822		31233	  29
ELVIS	20741		31111	  30
LITBOX	20618		30927	  31
ROCKET	20600	x	10300	4139
BERGIE	20511	x	10255	4165
GODOMI	20500		30750	  32
COITUS	19910	x	 9555	4335
ZEDMAN	19750	x	 9875	4381
MADDOG	17949	x	 8985	4887?
PJ	17549	x	 8775	5740
CRANKY	10838	x	 5419	6916

Other games:...ROCKET starts the evening with 1075300+ points, LITBOX with 25500 only used in Encore game. 8:00pm...Countdown...14102/15000...1st/11...1000+ points...I'm 53rd in North America...bar is 53rd.
Strange feeling when a question appeared about who was in A League Of Their Own when I'd been humming the theme on my walk down here.
8:30pm...Countdown...11439/15000...3rd/13...2000+ points...I'm 339th in NA...bar is 17th in North America with an 11481 average...THEMAN wins.
9:00pm...Wipeout..11597/15000...3rd/15...1000+ points...I'm 47th in NA...bar is 8th in North America with an 11121 average...FERREL (that's Mike) wins and is 11th on the Top 20 board.
9:30pm...Wipeout...10801/15000...7th/17...1000+ points...I'm 97th in NA...bar is 15th in North America with an 11469 average...NJSCKS wins. (hey there's a hockey playoff game going on here).

I didn't feel good all night. My mother's health has taken a turn for the worse and I offered not to come out tonight. Although she encouraged me to be here, I couldn't stop thinking about her.

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